Stop Dieting And Start Living Healthy

Stop dieting and start living healthy

Stop dieting and start living, If one of the friends in circle dieted & became slim, it does not mean it would work for you. On the other hand, if you have disadvantaged the body of some necessary nutrients in the name of dieting, then you have just afforded to spoil the health.

Stop Dieting And Start Living Healthy

If dieting is deficiency then the word ‘diet’ is misunderstood. Staying healthy should be te first target & it does not need following trends or crash diets.

Remember this point: Your body weight depends upon the lots of factors. There is no use blaming you. Your genetics, the regular activity levels, the food & the stress levels- all of these factors either add or subtract to the weight.

So, if you think that some magic weight loss pill or program is going to do miracle, or some new age diet plan is going to remove all the surplus fat in mid-section, then you are mistaken.

On the other hand, health experts suggest that sudden weight loss is unhealthy. Weight should be slowly gained or steadily lost in order to make it a healthy process.

Also, remember that weight loss is more about adopting a new lifestyle. It is not just about depriving of some foods in the name of dieting. So, stop dieting and start eating living healthy.

Know About Nutrients

A balanced diet is what you need whether you are overweight or underweight. But mind the section size as it might affect the weight gain or loss.

What If Stress Makes You Binge Eat?

The answer is to find methods to deal with stress. It is a fact that stresses makes you desire for the favourite food as it eats up your energy levels.

Know the Difference between Craving And Hunger

When the body really wants food to get on, it gives a signal through hunger. But when the mind wants pleasure, it creates a craving. Know the difference and respond only to hunger.


Water is a good method to answer cravings. But do not drink water to kill the hunger. Drink water to restrain snacking.

Stop dieting and start living healthyRaw Vegetables

Allow that at least the breakfast consists of raw foods. This helps detoxify the system & the best part is that raw foods are low in the calories.

Stay Busy

Staying busy helps in 2 ways: 1st ly when you are busy, you would put aside the cravings. Secondly, if you are physically busy then you can burn calories too!

Fight Boredom

A recent survey claims that 87 percent of the fat people snacked mainly to kill boredom. If that is the case with you, see whether you can kill boredom with some other activity.

Never Skip A Single Meal

Postponing a desire intensifies it. There is no use in skipping timely meals. On the other hand, it is unhealthy for several reasons. Eat light meals without postponing.

What If Friends Force U To Eat Junk?

There are 2 problems with Junk food. Firstly, it is costlier than healthy food. Secondly, it adds up to fat issues. Tell this to the friends.

Try Yoga

If gym & lifting weights are not for you, try yoga as a part of your physical activity. It works.

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