DIY hacks to make stainless steel sink shine

DIY hacks to make stainless steel sink shine

DIY hacks to make stainless steel sink shine

Stainless steel appliances & stainless steel interiors look great in kitchen. But there is the drawback to it. It is more flat to hard water marks & fingerprints. Today we here to share ways to make the stainless steel sink shine & look all new.

When you look at stainless sink always astonish about hacks to clean the kitchen sink. Amazing what is easiest or quickest way to make it look new again? Well stick on & check our DIY hacks to make stainless steel sink shine.

It all starts with a little discoloration from days & weeks of all the dirty dishes & different food scraps, on surface of the sink floor. With some simple hacks you can get rid of all these stains. Check out our simple hacks & keep the sink smiling.

Baking Soda And Water

Mix baking soda & water & make a paste. Apply this on an entire sink & scrub it with fine steel wool. This even helps to reduce the scratches from the sink base. Rinse it with plain water & wipe the sink dry with the cotton cloth. This helps the stainless sink shine.

DIY hacks to make stainless steel sink shineRub Alcohol

Rub some good amount of alcohol in the sink base & it helps to remove the rust caused in the sink, giving it a better & a cleaner look. This is one of the ways to make stainless steel sink shine.

Club Soda

Soda helps to remove rust with its bubble effect & it works very well on stainless sink rust. You can just pour a bottle of soda and wipe it after a while and poof! the sink is all neat and clean. This also helps to remove the stains caused by water.

Olive Oil

This trick is the smart cleaning way to keep the stainless steel sink clear from stains & scratches. All you got a do is just wipe some olive oil on the paper towel & wipe it clean after the regular clean. This helps the sink to stay shiny for various weeks before it requires a wash.


Vinegar is a great sterilizes when helping remove hard water stains from the stainless steel sink. It drives away the stink from the sink. Use the same way to clean it with the cloth dipped in vinegar and clean it off. You would have a sparkling sink. Remember that the shiny sink can be the beginning of a clean kitchen and a healthy atmosphere.
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