Skin pH Balancing Facial Steam With Honey

Skin pH Balancing Facial Steam With Honey

For the honey lovers, there is great news. Honey is a fantastic product for the body. When applied, it provides support in the functioning of different body parts. Not just for the personal health but now honey can also use for the topical application that includes a benefit for & hair. When applied topically for the facial purpose, honey moisturizes the face & penetrates deep below the skin pores to improve its health. It is the product that is fitting for all skin kinds. Furthermore, it can be applied to the face in more than one way. Below explained about Skin pH Balancing Facial Steam With Honey.

With the honey, one can always find your ways of application. The only point that you must recognize is, give it right time so that it can work its functioning without leaving back something. This article has brought to you one of the best ways to utilize honey for the facial purpose. It has called pH balancing facial steam with honey. Now many of you would be conscious of this, but once you start performing it, you will nevermore miss it again. This process brings the pH level of the skin back to normal that assists in enhancing the condition of the skin & to prevent it from operating under harsh conditions. To know the exact recipe, read as explained below.

Skin pH Balancing Facial Steam With HoneyHow To Skin pH Balancing Facial Steam With Honey

Ingredients required:

  • Distilled water: 4 cups of hot
  • Honey: 1 teaspoon
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: One teaspoon
  • Lavender essential oil: Four drops


As you can notice that in this recipe besides honey, various other ingredients are also applied. Hot distilled water is critical for the preparation of steam from honey that is the main part of the recipe. Apple cider vinegar is a fantastic source of vitamin C, which then gets combined with honey intensifies its property. Ultimately, the most powerful ingredient that is lavender essential oil which has considered as the benefits in aromatherapy performs it the beautiful aroma along with improving the recipe.

How To Prepare?

First, pour the hot distilled water in the bowl. Add lavender essential oil, honey and apple cider vinegar from the above-given ingredients. Stir till it gets blended properly. Cover your head with the shower cap and bring the face closer to about ten inches above the water. Take the steam for about ten to fifteen minutes. Take this facial steam in each alternative days. Make certain that you have the face cleaned before taking this steam.

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