Side effects of biting nails on Health

Side effects of biting nails on Health

Nail biting is also known as the onychophagia, is a simple habit that several people do without even recognizing it. Nail biting typically begins in childhood and can continue toward adulthood. Below explained regarding Side effects of biting nails on Health.

Unintentionally, people start biting their nails during included in another activity, such as watching television, reading, or talking on the phone. The habit has practiced more in times of stress or excitement, or inactivity or in times of boredom.

Side effects of biting nails on Health

If you have a habit of biting nails, it is time to stop. The Health effects can be more than superficial. At times, biting of the nail can be the symptom of a bigger issue like obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or depression.

1. Nail biting spreads Germs to Mouth

Your hands & nails had loaded with bacteria, yeast, fungus, & other toxic germs. When you put the unscrubbed hands & nails in the mouth, you are just raising the risk of infection. Your nails are an attractive location for bacteria like E. coli & salmonella. It can also improve the risk of warts & herpes infection.

Side effects of biting nails on Health2. Stomach Problems

When people bite the nails, harmful microbes has transferred from the nails to your mouth & make their approach to the gut. Once within the stomach, these bacteria can cause the gastrointestinal infections that start to diarrhea & abdominal pain. Children with the nail-biting addiction are at the greater risk of digestive & enteric diseases like the intestinal worm in children infections because of their weak immune system.

3. Nail Infections

Nail-biting also raises the risk of nail infection. As you bite the nails, abrasions or tiny tears happen about the skin near the nails.

Harmful bacteria, yeast, & other microorganisms can access by these tears or abrasions, therefore enhancing the risk of infection. The epidemic can lead to the redness, swelling, & pus around the nail, that can be difficult to treat if people will not stop biting of the nail.

4. Damages the Nail Bed

Aside from making you more susceptive to infections of the nail, biting the nails can induce severe injury to the nail bed, cuticles, and also the surrounding skin. These habits cause altitude of the nail at the distal section & destroy the protection given by the hyponychium at the end of distal. Chronic nail biting can also result in irreversible shortening of nails.

5. Dental Problems

Biting of Nail is not at all ideal for the nails.It can intervene with right dental occlusion, & the teeth might shift from their original position. It can also break, chip or wear down the front teeth over time. Those who wear braces or clips put their teeth at yet higher risk. Along with affecting the teeth, biting your nails can harm the gum tissue.

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