Six Things That Worsen Summer Allergies

six things that worsen summer allergies

In spite of the season, viruses can attack at any time of the year. You can catch a cold regardless of a winter season and reason is allergens. These allergens attack your respiratory tract which the results in allergies. There are many types of seasonal allergies such as- spring allergies, winter allergies, fall allergies, and summer allergies. All kinds of seasonal allergies have more or less alike symptoms. The major cause of the summer allergies is inhalant allergens.

Herbal Remedies For Pollen Allergies Some people can be responsive to pollen and when they inhale; the pollen enters their noses which the cause various allergy symptoms such as- itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, headache, Face steam for congestion, fatigue etc. The higher would be the pollen counts; the worse will be symptoms. Usually, trees stop pollinating after spring season and leave behind weeds and grasses to cause summer allergies. If you are flat to allergies, you must explain yourself with knowledge of some summer allergy triggers. Following are the top six things that worsen summer allergies:

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Pollens can attack you despite the season. Tree pollen, grass pollen, weed pollen particularly the ragweed is one of most horrifying things that worsen the summer allergies. No matter which region you live, ragweed can move thousands of miles through wind and can start out allergy attacks.


Molds are one of the most irritating things that worsen the summer allergies. Molds can also source os asthma. Sometimes on most humid days, the number of precise mold spores can get higher. If you are allergic to molds, you should avoid going to moist and moldy places. Use masks as working in your garden or mowing your lawns.


Alcohol can worsen the effect of summer allergies. During the fermentation of wine, beer, and liquor, the bacteria and yeast make the substance called “histamine” which can improve the allergy symptoms. Moreover, beer and wine also contain sulfites which can also trigger the allergic reactions.


Histamine is also present in certain foods like grapes, bread, cider, pickled foods etc. These are summer foods that cause allergies. Thus, if you are an allergy sufferer you must avoid these foods because they can worsen the allergy symptoms. Foods that contain yeast, apples, and watermelons are also one of the top summer foods that cause allergies.


There are certain medications that can cause allergic reactions. Penicillin and some other identical antibiotics can worsen the allergy symptoms. Barbiturates, sulfa drugs, insulin, ibuprofen, and anticonvulsants are some other medicines that can trigger allergies.


Have you ever imagined that donning some clothes can trigger or worsen the summer allergies? Black-dyed clothes contain high PPD (or Phenylenediamine), elastic in your clothes can cause latex allergy, the zips, and studs in your favorite jeans and even your knicker elastic can cause nickel allergy. Clothes infused with formaldehyde are also

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