Simple Beauty Parlour Tips

Simple Beauty Parlour Tips

Makeup is a way to enhance the natural beauty of a lady, and there is a lot to learn if you want to do it yourself in a parlor style. No matter whether you are a beginner or a makeup veteran, these few makeup tricks will help you get the makeup done in a professional way. Simple Beauty Parlour Tips

How to start a beauty parlor at home

The Trick of Foundation

Foundation is the base of any makeup you apply to hide your flaws and get an eye-catching look. But what if it looks cakey and unnatural within the minutes of application. To ensure your face looking fresh and flawless, even after hours wipe up your cheeks with a tissue after applying the foundation all over the face. It will help your blush to layer on without getting a fake look.

Mascara for Naturally long lashes

When you already have eyelashes that are naturally long, dense and thicker, there is no need for you to wear heavy makeup to stand out in the crowd. First of all, make sure that the mascara you are using should not be older than a month and fresh one glides on as smoothly as knife cuts across melted butter. Apply mascara starting from the base and sweep the brush outward and upward. To get sexy lashes, you need to add thickness to the base while tapering to the ends.

Seductive Red Pout

Nothing can seduce a man more other than bold red pout. To soak your beautiful lips in red, begin with a sharp lip liner. The color of the lip liner should be the same as that of the shade of lipstick you have picked for the evening. Smile a little while applying the lip liner to ensure smooth and easy application. Using the side of the same lip liner, fill in the lips and follow it with a lip brush to apply the lipstick.lips and follow it with a lip brush to apply the lipstick.

Trendy Smokey Eyes

Smoky eyes are the trend of today. Get red carpet ready with smoky eyes following this simple guide. Begin with applying the eyeliner along the lower lash line from the inner rim to the outward direction. Now glide the tip of the eyeliner the edge of upper lash line as close as possible. Now dust the eye shadow over the eyelids covering the creases. Blend it in outward and upwards moving towards the temple.

Glitter Your Eyes

Every girl loves to bathe in glitter, but with you can wear it the same way in all ages. To make sure that it will look appropriate no matter what your age could be there is a trick suggested by makeup artists. While keeping the glitter restricted to the middle of the eyelid, covering the rest with a matte shade. Skip adding sparkles to the corner of your eyes and on the brow bone as it will make the look unnecessarily intense.

A Natural Bold Brow

If you are not having a naturally full grown eyebrow, then this trick is just for you. To have bold brow has become very simple with this trick. Comb your brows using a clean mascara brush or with a spoolie brush just to see how they lay naturally. Now take in your hand a soft yet slightly waxy brow pencil and draw the shape of the brow with its tip. Fill in the brow, giving short strokes to make it look alike of hair. Apply a shimmering highlighter just below your blow and blend it to give a finishing touch to the whole trick.

Whoever said, you cannot look your glamorous best without visiting a parlor? Now, with these simple tips that you can try and master at home, you too can look no less than a diva be it on your best friend’s wedding, a casual date or a girl’s day out!

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