How Effective Is Tea Tree Oil in Treating Keloids?

How Effective Is Tea Tree Oil in Treating Keloids?

The problem of Keloids is not unknown. They are kinds of scars, which appear as thick and raised overgrowth on the skin. Keloids look very different from normal scars as they have a smooth texture and are pink or purple in color. While some keloids settle naturally with time, some refuse to show any kinds of changes. In such situations, it becomes necessary to seek remedies which will help in removing the keloids from the skin surface. Know about Tea Tree Oil in Treating Keloids

Formation of keloids – reasons

Keloids are benign fibrous development, which takes place on the skin surface and is not harmful in any way. They are not even painful to touch. However, they are tender and might become itchy at times. Usually, keloids are formed when a wound heals abnormally because of skin damage. The skin damage can be caused due to various factors, right from cuts and burns to acne, skin abrasions and insect bites.

When collagen has produced in excess in the body, there are chances of formation of keloids. The primary dermal structure has formed by collagen, and it helps in wound healing considerably. Development of keloids can also take place due to genetic factors. Usually, Keloids do not respond to any kinds of treatments and as a result, no cure can permanently solve the problem. However, there are some natural remedies, which can use for treating keloids.

Tea tree oil and results in treating keloids

How Effective Is Tea Tree Oil in Treating Keloids?Tea tree oil for head lies is used extensively in the treatment of keloids. Leaves of Melaleucaalternifolia plant is the largest source of obtaining tea tree oil. The oil has obtained by running process of steam distillation. The plant is found abundantly locally in Australia and is used extensively for making tea; hence its name tea tree oil.

Medical research has found that tea tree oil is highly effective in dealing with various kinds of skin problems like keloids, acne, abrasions or scars. But other health benefits of this natural oil are still unknown. People with any skin allergies are recommended to consult their physician before using tea tree oil for treating many types of skin problems.

Using tea tree oil for combating keloids

Tea tree oil has significant medicinal properties for eliminating keloids and hypertrophic scars. In fact growth of keloids can restrict to the use of this oil. The itching and inflammation caused due to keloids can also stop by an application of tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil can be used directly on the skin area infected with keloids. You can also add some Vitamin E oil with tea tree oil and create a mixture. Use a sponge and dab the area with the keloids with the combination. If essential oils do not suit your skin type, refrain from using them. Put a few drops of tea tree oil in hot water to which ½ tsp sea salt has added and dab the infected area with the same. Do this for minimum 15 minutes. Continue the treatment for 15 days, twice daily. If the tea tree oil has concentrated, add water to dilute the same.

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