Simple and easy ways to make natural lip balm at home

Simple and easy ways to make natural lip balm at home

Do you have dry skin and lips? Lip balm or chap-stick is undoubtedly an easy way to moisturize and give the lips that healthy look. Many times we use lip balms due to their fragrances and taste, even after expiry. Since it is on lips, we consistently consume it by licking our lips. An alternative for this could be using fresh ingredients and refilling them from time to time to help keep your lips well-nourished and luscious looking. Here’s how you could make lip balms at home or Simple and easy ways to make natural lip balm at home.

Petroleum jelly  lip balm

For a basic lip balm, you could use safe ingredients like petroleum jelly, food color for that touch and any preferred juice or extract for the natural flavor.


  • Take a scoop or 2 from some petroleum jelly and put it in a microwave bowl.
  • To this add some juice of any preferred flavor.
  • Now You could squeeze in some fresh strawberries or even orange or opt for some rose extract and blend it well with the jelly.
  • You could also add some food color if you prefer to.
  • Heat this mixture for less than a minute and put it in a tin container or any spare face cream bottles if you have them.
  • You can apply this on the lips as and when required.

Honey, coconut oil and essential oil lip balm

Honey and coconut are exceptionally moisturizing and ensure that your lips stay hydrated. These are key ingredients that will enhance your lip’s health. Besides, a few drops of coconut oil will help keep the moisture in your lips well intact just the way petroleum jelly does. This lip balm will also prove beneficial with the vitamin E content in the form of capsules. The vitamin E which is packed with antioxidants frees the skin of any impurities and cleanses it well.


  • For this lip balm, you will need 1 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil, beeswax, some honey, and any preferred essential oil.
  • First, heat a boiler with grated beeswax and add the rest of the ingredients once the wax has melted.
  • Put in 2 of the vitamin capsules into the hot mix.
  • Pour in this mixture into a tin container which would be convenient for you to use. Apply the balm once it has cooled down.

Lemon lip balm

Lemon is a great ingredient usually used for skin lightening due to the presence of citric acid. Hence, it would work wonders as a lip balm in combination with olive and coconut oil which are highly nourishing and moisturizing ingredients as well.


For this type of lip balm, first heat 1 tablespoon of beeswax in a boiling pan on medium heat.

Then once the wax begins to liquidize, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil, coconut oil and 5 drops of lemon and lime essential oils.

Pour all these ingredients on medium-high heat and slowly reduce it to lower heat setting.

Once done, pour it into a preferred container and let it cool. Apply on lips to protect them in the winter months.

Peppermint and honey lip balm

If the peppermint flavor has been your personal favorite in lip balms then you ought to make this one on your own. Honey is a good ingredient to go with peppermint as it works on healing the lips due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from giving that fresh, minty taste, peppermint is also a healthy way to massage your lips and make them look fuller. Know how to get healthy and beautiful looking lips here.


  • For this lip balm, you would need a spoon or two of petroleum jelly as per the quantity you prefer with 1 tablespoon of honey and 3 drops of peppermint extract.
  • Heat the petroleum jelly for not more than 3 seconds before you begin to blend in the rest of the ingredients with it.
  • Once done, simply pour this into a suitable container and let it take form overnight. Your lip balm is now ready for application. This is how you can heal chapped, dry lips.

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