Simple and Amazing Rockabilly hairstyles for Long Hair

Rockabilly hairstyles for Long Hair

Hairstyles can completely change the way a woman looks. Generally, women like to experiment with different kinds of hairstyles for different occasions and with different dresses. Various kinds of hair accessories are also used by women for accentuating the hair styles in the best manner. Among the many styles that are popular with women, rockabilly hair needs special mention. Read about Rockabilly hairstyles for Long Hair

If you have long hair, you can try the below mentioned rockabilly hair styles. The classic styles, the victory rolls and the pin up hairdos can be worn at red carpet events to the runway. The below mentioned styles will never be out of fashion.

Rockabilly pink hair

Rockabilly hairstyles for Long HairWell flaunting colored hair in weird shades is something that celebrities keep on doing. Check out Katy Perry in this amazing retro look with the rockabilly pink hair. This lady has the flair of carrying look with élan. The dress, the accessories as well as the hair color and style take us to rockabilly era for sure. To make this amazing hairstyle, you will need a barrel brush, a strong hairspray and a curling wand. Apart from pink, you can choose any other color as well as per your preference. Well, the retro look cannot be more perfect than this!

Ponytail with retro rolls

Rockabilly hairstyles for Long HairAny woman who has long hair ties it up as a ponytail. If you are looking to make the boring ponytail interesting, you can try retro rolls with the same. Ponytails with retro rolls are considered as timeless classics. The best thing about this hairdo is that it is extremely simple to do and can be done with any kinds of attires. The top section of the hair needs to be taken and twisted right on the crown and fastened with clips. Once the rolls are styled, one side of the hair is brought forward and a curled pony is created. It is simple and stylish rockabilly hair style.

Pin up hairdo

Rockabilly hairstyles for Long HairRetro looks are fascinating provided you have the flair of carrying it. If you want a hairstyle that was classy and trendy in the 1950s, you cannot just ignore the pin up hairdo in any manner. This is a popular long hair rockabilly hair style, which is not only easy to create, but looks extremely stylish at the same time. Though the pinup hairdo has a somewhat messy appearance, this is what makes the style so attractive. Check out model Raul Penaranda with this hairstyle and see how amazingly classy she looks. The dress, the accessories and the makeup accentuate the whole appearance of the model.

Victory Rolls

Rockabilly hairstyles for Long HairWell, no rockabilly hair style list is complete without the mention of victory rolls. This hairstyle came into existence in the 1940s and remained fashionable all throughout 1950s. Right from celebrities to general people tried this hairstyle at least once. It is needless to say that this hairstyle made one look classy and elegant. Teenage girls can wear this hairstyle to the college prom while women can flaunt the style at parties or for a date. Doing this hairstyle at home might be difficult initially, but with practice it can be done at home.

Twisted long hairdo

Rockabilly hairstyles for Long HairTwisted right in the front, it seems that a natural crown is placed on the forehead of the woman. The long hair is let loose at the back for the perfect style. The hair has to be perfectly twisted for getting the best looks. Simple makeup with this hairdo looks best.

To get such classy hairdos at home, you will need the right hair accessories and equipments and then style the hair in the way you want!

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