Health Effects Of Excessive Sodium

Health Effects Of Excessive Sodium

Reason To Love Salt:

Excessive Sodium is important to human health. The mineral helps to regulate fluids by letting the body know when it’s time to dispose of water. Along with that, salt also maintains nerve transmissions and muscle contractions. These are the functions vital to our survival. As a result, our bodies produced a desire for sodium akin to the addiction to ensure that we never went without enough.

The below infographic image will you the Health Effects Of Excessive Sodium and where they can effect in our body.

Health Effects Of Excessive Sodium,Excessive Sodium

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Health Effects Of Excessive Sodium:

Sodium has always been of high importance to humanity. In ancient Egypt, salt was an important part of religious ceremonies, and the Moors in Africa would trade salt pound for pound with gold. Part of our adoration for salt, however, lies in its main ingredient, sodium.

Effect On Brain:

High salt diets were linked to increased risk of memory and thinking skills. This result was “independent of hypertension and global diet quality” and “suggests that sodium intake alone may affect cognitive decline function. Physical exercise may be able to protect the brain from the effects of too much salt.


Salt plays a key role in equalizing the levels of fluid in our bodies by signaling to the kidneys when to retain water and when to get evolved of water. A high sodium diet can interfere with this delicate process and reduce kidney functional action. The result is less water content removed from the body, which may lead to higher blood pressure. This excess strain on the kidneys can cause kidney disease or exacerbate kidney problems in those already with the condition.


Excessive calcium elimination in the urine is believed by some experts to increase the risk of bone thinning. This excessive calcium loss is associated with osteoporosis, especially in postmenopausal women.


Due to sodium’s fluid retention effect, in some individuals, excessive amounts of salt in their diet can lead to high blood pressure. High blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood, and high blood flow can cause many serious conditions, such as stroke and heart failure.

The above information will suggest that, Taking care of your health while consuming excessive Sodium.


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