Significance Of Washing Vegetables

Significance Of Washing Vegetables

Significance Of Washing Vegetables

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Amazing why you should wash the vegetables before you eat them every time? Then, this post is for you to know more about Significance Of Washing Vegetables.

Cleaning & washing the vegetables is an step to prevent food-borne illnesses caused by the bacteria like salmonella, listeria & e.coli. Washing vegetables can get rid of most of the remainders left on the fruits & vegetables like harmful pesticides, but it is not a foolproof method to remove bacteria.

Studies suggest that the vegetables & fruits become contaminated during a variety of production phases before it arrives in the market. The amount of pesticide remainders left on fruits & vegetables is really high & it cannot be consumed just like that.

Most of these pesticides found in the vegetables & fruits are complex molecules that are oil based & are primarily water-insoluble. So, it is very critical to make sure that all your fruits & veggies are safe to eat by using some simple & proper washing methods.

Significance Of Washing VegetablesUse Warm Water

To clean the wax-coat from the fruits & vegetables it should be washed using warm water. Make sure that the water is “ONLY LUKE WARM” as fruit or vegetable might get spoilt. Use the soft brush to quickly brush the fruit or vegetable as wax would be a real thin film which requires a little bit of scrubbing.

Use Vinegar & Water

Just soak the leafy greens & broccoli in a bowl of vinegar and water solution for at least five mins. This helps the pesticide remainder to float on the bowl. You require to thoroughly wash the vegetables before cooking.

Use A Scrub Brush

To clean mud & pesticides, use a scrub brush on the firm outer coverings or thick skin of the produce like potatoes, bell peppers, carrots & cucumbers. Scrub them quietly for at least two minutes. It would help in removing the toxins or unhealthy substances and pesticides from the vegetables.

Wash Under Cool Running Water

Thin skinned delicate fruits & vegetables like tomatoes, berries and grapes can be washed under cool running water for few minutes. It helps to remove the pesticides to a large extent.

Washing & Drying

Clean the vegetables & fruits with clean water and let it dry. For exceptions like raw sprouts which are open to easy bacterial invasion extra care should be taken. Store the sprouts in a clean air tight box and cook it instantly after opening it.

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