Side Effects Of Using Sunscreen

Side Effects Of Using Sunscreen

As the summer approaches, we all rush to retail shops to pick up the pack of our favorite brand sunscreen. We all are advised to step out while adorning a thick layer of sunscreen over our bare body in order to shield the skin from harmful UV radiations. As these radiations are considered to cause sunburn, pigmentation, premature aging and last but not the least skin cancer, we always tend to keep the pack of sunblock with us. But apart from protecting our skin from deadly sun rays, this chemical formulation has something in it that can make us suffer a lot. Let us have a quick look at what sort of side effects Of Using sunscreen carries with it.

Side effects of using sunscreen lotion

Skin Allergies

Not all sunscreens are good for the skin. Some of them are infused with chemicals that are not supposed to be good for the skin and can cause skin problems like swelling, redness, itching or irritation. Some people may develop severe allergic reactions in the form of rashes or intense itching. Such kinds of allergies are attributed to the chemicals that are incorporated into the sunscreens in the name of preservatives or fragrances. PABA is one of the common chemical used in commercial sunblocks that can result in a high rate of allergic reactions.

Side Effects Of Using SunscreenEye Irritation

Applying sunscreen close to the eyes can sometimes cause irritation or burning sensation in the eyes. Some say that if sunscreen gets into the eyes, it may also cause blindness. Thoroughly rinse your eyes or see a doctor if ever sunscreen gets into your eyes.

Pus Formation In Hair Follicles

Application of sunscreen can also lead sometimes into the development of itchy spots on the skin that may eventually turn into bumpy red rashes. Sometimes it also happens that the spots from around the hair follicles may develop into pus-filled blisters.

Makes Acne Worse

If you are having an acne-prone skin, applying sunscreen can cause you more harm than good. Some of the chemicals present in these sunblocks worsen the problem, leaving you in the midst of side effects. To avoid this, you can pick a non-comedogenic or non-oily sunscreen from the market. Use the one that suits best to your skin. Also, avoid applying sunscreen meant for the body over the face.

Prevents Body to Synthesize Vitamin D

Direct exposure to sun rays for some time in a day is thought to be essential as it helps the body to synthesize vitamin D naturally. Vitamin D is thought to be essential for making bones stronger. Apart from it, sun rays also offer a myriad of health benefits. Applying sunscreen prevents the sun’s UV radiations coming in direct contact with the skin. This prevents the body from harnessing goodness from the natural source of energy.

Increases Chances Of Breast Cancer

Sunscreens are usually loaded with ingredients that exert estrogenic effects on the cells of breast cancer. Some can affect the level of blood estrogen too. It is hence recommended to keep the skin of your child free of sunscreen application as their skin tends to absorb the chemicals present in it instantly.

It is important to protect your skin and yourself from the harmful radiations of the sun. But, it is also important that you choose the right sunscreen to do the job. Read up reviews and try and opt for all natural sunscreens in place of the chemical loaded serums and creams that have large claims, but do more harm than good!

If you have the time and patience you can also concoct a simple yet effective sunscreen lotion at home. All you need to do is mix together some jojoba oil, shea butter for hair, sunflower oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, essential oil of your choice to ready a sunscreen lotion that is safe on the skin and does it wonders!

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