Side Effects Of Dandruff

Side effects of dandruff

Side Effects Of Dandruff

You might have frequently noticed white powdery substances dotted everywhere on the hair or shoulders. This is nothing but dandruff. Medical science considers it as the skin infection that can be tremendously harmful for the skin, hair, and eventually to the whole human body.

The most common side effects of dandruff are as follows:


Dandruff can be very irritating at times. You cannot oppose yourself from scratching the hair. This can be truly very uncomfortable at times. If the nature of your skin is dry, then you require to very conscious about keeping you safe against certain attacks of the dandruff.

Keep the skin oily, particularly in the summer days. You can use moisturising shampoo to stop the side effects of dandruff.

Hair Fall

As dandruff demolish the natural ingredients of the scalp, so hair fall becomes the most side effects of dandruff. You always stand facing the risk of hair fall, in case your hair is affected by dangerous dandruff. Al though the manufacturers of hair oils claim the successful affect on dandruff, it is true that dandruff can never get rid of dandruff forever.


 Dandruff can cause harsh damage to the skin by bringing forth acne and pimples. Most of these are skin infections. If you leave dandruff untreated or unattended for a longer period, then they start expanding their territory, In that case they victimize the skin adversely.

In such a situation, you can get troubled by the side effects of the dandruff on face. In the opinion of the dermatologists, dandruff has a strong ability to develop fight against various medications and other things that you actually use to combat.


Side effects of dandruff Skin infections can never be worse than itching. Dandruff causes a awful amount of itching in the head. You might find many people who are largely troubled by itching, If you happen to suffer from dandruff, then you cannot stop itching and scratching your hair at times. Though it is a bad practice, you cannot stop yourself.


 You can consider this as one of the worst side effects of dandruff. Since it falls like powdery drops, you may often get this infection of the lungs, in case you cannot notice inhaling them. This is a terrible side effect that can be extremely harmful for body.

Most of these side effects of dandruff are very harmful. They always cause you troubles. However, if you are more conscious about your appearance, then try to make sure that you do not suffer from the side effects of dandruff on face.

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