The Shape Of Your Teeth Indicate Your Personality

The Shape Of Your Teeth Indicate Your Personality

You do not share your personal data with strangers because you like to keep things to yourself? Sorry, but your teeth give more than you thought. Confused? Science (or should I say art?) Judging the nature of a person with the help of their facial features is what they call the physiognomy. One of the most important facial features that are taken into consideration before taking the overall judgment is the shape of the teeth. Look in a mirror and find out what is the shape of your teeth, and discover the traits of your personality that you reveal with your smile. Read more about The Shape Of Your Teeth Indicate Your Personality

1. Square

The place is known for “all equal sides”. People with square teeth are balanced and objective, just like the square. Do you have square teeth? The shape of your teeth is very important, and you can not observe this shape. You want everything to be controlled, and you are able to bring order in any situation. Not just situations, you like to keep your emotions and feelings under control in all circumstances. Your balanced attitude increases the success of your professional life and your love life.

2. Oval

If you have oval teeth, I’m sure you’re already shy and slightly anxious about what I’m going to say about you. You are generally shy and shy, especially in public gatherings. Rather irregularly, you may not want the spotlight that accompanies it, but you have a unique artistic temperament. You are not only artistic but in fact, ostensibly.

Your creative taste is quite distinct because of your sense of clothing and how you will magnificently end to end. In the midst of all this creativity and timidity, there is a suspicion of melancholy. This mixture is you – sensitive, artistic and melancholic.

3. Rectangular

Like squares, you also like things to master. Of course, this allows you to go overboard and makes you look like a controlled phenomenon. Nevertheless, you are sure of what you are doing and are not the kind to regret being overly organized. Also, you have very clear and practical goals in life. You prefer to use your justification rather than using the excesses.

Additionally, you are an excellent planner (due to your all-should-be-under-control attitude.) Although you are practical, you still prefer to look at the brighter side of situations and are full of creative ideas.

The Shape Of Your Teeth Indicate Your Personality4. Triangular

Sharp and dynamic – just like the triangle! You live life with uninhibited enthusiasm. More importantly, the idea of tomorrow will never bother you because you are still in this moment. Probably, this is what makes you even more dynamic and carefree.

Although you are not thinking about the future, you are optimistic. In addition, you are full of energy, which makes you wander from one place to another. You might give an impression to the viewers that you are not rooted, but as long as you can move around and live without obstacles, nothing else matters to you.

The shape of your teeth not only reveals your nature but also gives your temperament and your personality. Look for size and alignment and your teeth habits, and look at what they say about your character.

1. Canines that are flat but curvilinear at the top

If this is how you feel, you are the passive type of personality. Your passive nature makes you take things in a casual way. However, you are vulnerable to binging and overindulging in eating even if you are not hungry. Also, if you consume too many soft drinks and binge on foods that are not healthy, try to minimize it.

2. Small Teeth

If you have relatively smaller teeth, you may have this uncontrollable habit of molding your teeth incessantly. This means you have an anxious personality. If you have this habit, you will probably bite your nails too. Try to have a more relaxing attitude and consciously cease to squeeze and grind your teeth as this is a severe practice of self-restraint that you must stop right away.

3. Prominent Canines

You are the aggressive personality. Your most important canines and incisors signify your aggressive attitude. The grinding of the teeth is as much an aggressive trait as an anxiety. When you are faked and frustrated, be wary of your teeth and release them if you feel tight. This will also help you to be patient.

Can you even think that a random stranger can look into the size and shape of your teeth and know if you are a carefree person or you are aggressive in general? This is what physiognomy is. What are your teeth telling you? Comment below and let me know!

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