Precious advice People would give their younger ones

Precious advice People would give their younger ones

So you have already spent good, say, twenty years of life. Did you look back and say, “I wish it had not happened,” “I wish that person had not entered my life?” I’m sure most of you 20-something must have told you at least once. Imagine what these “could have” and “should have” can accumulate too, once you have something? Read on to find out what advice most people would like to give to their younger ones to relive and make these last moments a little more perfect, at least in their imagination. Read more about Precious advice People would give their younger ones

1. To Learn the Skill/Art

Youth and early childhood are the best phases of life to pick up a skill or learn a language without making much effort. Of course, it’s never too late to learn a sport or skill. However, the sooner you start, the more you are equipped to lead a life of content. It engages you productively and leaves less time to experience the increasing shit.

In addition, it prepares you to deal with delictual situations in life. Enter your mind to learn a musical instrument or sport. This will increase your capacity for the mental association and will make you more creative, keeping your brain in good condition even in your old age.

2. Understanding the importance of education

Do not remove yourself by this phrase thinking that it comes from a writer of the old school who led 60 years on earth and who is ready to die at any time. In fact, it comes from a much younger person who feels that everyone should understand the importance of education. Later, it’s your catch if you want to go to high school or not.

Quite often, teenagers can not see the broader picture of life and make decisions that alter life. In retrospect, some are happy that they have taken this action, and many regret it. However, understanding the dynamics is more important. Later, you have no one to blame. I keep saying, “I’m capricious. Quirks are not planned. “But you’d rather say this after you’ve processed the big picture.

3. Stop smoking on a single percentage

Adolescents / youth are still in the extreme. If one set wants to drop out of school, the other wants nothing less than one hundred percent. It is this art of balancing that you learn later in life after resisting all the consequences of your excesses.

One advice that someone would like to give to their younger generation and that the younger generation as such is to take an icy spill on exams, projects, and assignments. No, that does not mean you ignore them. It simply means that your academics are as important as the rest of your life.

4. Stop thinking your parents are heroes

Again, do not judge the title without reading what I mean. As a child, you always think that your parents are heroes and can do anything. Little by little, when the reality of their human attributes begins to appear, you tend to become felt, disappointed and judged. You start right away hating everything they do.

The idea that they might be mistaken is slowly becoming a mistake. It is only much later in life that you realize that your parents were actually Super Heroes and not just heroes who gave you everything they had in spite of their softened life.

5. To understand this thing called “money”

Money is pretty much what the world wants today, wanted yesterday and will want tomorrow. Without going into the right and wrong on this attitude, let me tell you that money is more powerful than women, power, and drugs. If you have mastered the talent of controlling what money can do for your life, good for you.

If you allow the money to control the control part, you will end up writing a complete list of what you should have done while you still had that kind of money and, more importantly, time. Everything you spend, good or bad, be aware of this. And if you’re still interested, learn early in the savings or investment. Learning to start early is better than learning this shortcut.

6. Eat well and sleep at night

Yes, these are two areas where we abuse our bodies to the fullest. This is a phrase that comes from the parents from time to time, which, of course, the rebel will ignore you, thinking it is too common to eat lentils and shoots and sleep at night.

Although the idea behind you asking to eat properly is not that you should eat a salad instead of cheese or sleep at nine o’clock in the evening. The idea is to let you know what health means and how you would thank your young adult when you are 40 years old if you are conscious enough to maintain that balance between indulgence and deprivation.


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