papaya-pepper miracle combo to lose weight

papaya-pepper miracle combo to lose weight

papaya-pepper miracle combo to lose weight

Losing the weight can be tough and frequently annoying, especially when you do not see results you had like. But do not despair, here is a simple home remedy that can help you to lose weight naturally through papaya-pepper miracle combo to lose weight.

Raw papaya and pepper

Raw papaya and pepper is a great combination to lose the weight.

Papaya is the rich source of antioxidants, minerals such as potassium and magnesium, vitamin C, B and E and have a lot more of the enzyme pappin an enzyme that is known to help in the breakdown of foods, especially containing fats in them as compared to a ripe papaya. What’s more, papaya is known to help digestive disorders and improve the assimilation of the food you eat.

papaya-pepper miracle combo to lose weightPepper, also helps to increase your metabolic rate and is a heat causing spice just like raw papaya. It is also a stimulant and helps in digestion by promoting proper functioning of the inner lining of your intestines — making it the great addition to this weight loss recipe.

How to use this remedy?

Take the small raw papaya, peel it and cut it into bite size cubes. Now, take a little water i.e., sufficient to cook the papaya add some salt to taste, and 2 spoons of crushed pepper. Now put papaya pieces in this water and cook it. Have this dish once a day for better results. Alternatively, you could also try this raw papaya salad which help you to lose weight.
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