One Tulsi Leaf A Day for Better Health

One Tulsi Leaf A Day for Better Health

One Tulsi Leaf A Day for Better Health

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Tulsi leaf is mother & queen of herbs. This little leaf can guard one against any disease or harm. One Tulsi Leaf A Day for Better Health.

Tulsi leaves are so potent that it acts as body’s protection against respiratory conditions. Tulsi leaves are efficient for treating the headaches and acts as the cure for bad breath & above all it is the key to causing up your low immunity. All you require to do is pop in the tulsi leaf every morning on an empty stomach with a glass of water.

The Leaf has properties that would clear the skin too leaving you with perfect texture saying goodbye to pimples, blemishes, & dark spots. Furthermore, this tulsi leaf is available in inherent oils & tablets, which is easily available for you to consume.

Though, it is best to chew on a leaf for the better results. Have a look at how one tulsi leaf can make the life better & worth living.

One Tulsi Leaf A Day for Better HealthTo Cure Headaches

Cure the headaches with the help of tulsi leaves. It has potent decongestant properties that can kill the pain. A migraine, sinus & stress headaches can be cured with one leaf a day.

Treat Fever

If your fever is not coming down with the help of medications, all you require to do is turn to natural remedies. Chew on the tulsi leaf three times in the day to bring down fever temperature.

Treat Infections

Treat infections with this great leaf. Since Tulsi is fungicidal & has antibacterial properties, killing any infection is probably in no time.

Kidney Stones

Turn to tulsi leaf help to cure you of kidney stones. One tulsi leaf consumed every morning on an empty stomach would dissolve the stones naturally.

Oral Health

After you brush the teeth, rub a tulsi leaf over the gums. This home remedy would reduce gum inflammation and also help to get rid of the bad breath.


The immune modulator properties help to strengthen the immune system. It also contains the disinfectant properties that protect the body from all types of the viral infections. Tell us how Tulsi has helped to enhance the quality of your life.

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