Nutritional Values Of Moong Dal To Reduce Belly Fat


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Incredible Health Benefits Of Moong Dal

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Nutritional Values :

Moong Dal is a type of small, green legume in the same plant family as peas and lentils. Which contain a high source of protein, fiber, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. Although in most parts of the world they are less popular than other bean types, like chickpeas or black beans, moong beans have some huge health benefits.

While moong beans may be new to most people in the U.S, they have been a part of traditional Ayurvedic diets in India for thousands of years.

Whole Moong Dal (100 gm serving)

Energy 347 kcal

Protein 23.86g

Total Fat 1.15g

Cholesterol 0mg

Total Carbohydrates 62.62g

Dietary Fiber 16.3g

Sugars 6.6g

Skinned Moong Dal (100 gm serving)

Energy 351 kcal

Protein 25g

Total Fat 1.2g

Cholesterol 0mg

Total Carbohydrates 60g

So from this information, we can learn that green gram is the most nutritional food for our health. And these are having cholesterol content is 0mg.

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