Natural Seeds For Body Scrub

Natural Seeds For Body Scrub

Natural Seeds For Body Scrub

The first step in skin care starts with cleansing and hence here we discuss some homemade cleansing products. We are making use of natural seeds for body scrubs as a scrub is essential to exfoliate the skin.

The basic benefit or natural seeds used for body scrubs is plain and simple; they are safe and sure. When we prepare our own Natural Seeds For Body Scrub we know what we are exactly going to be applying on our skin.

Sesame Seeds

Very nutty in taste and excellent for the skin. When you need that delicate skin texture and are looking for a good exfoliation then sesame is the product to go for. To two tablespoons of ground sesame seeds add half a teaspoon of turmeric add oil of your choice to the mixture. Mix well to get a paste like consistency.

Poppy Seeds

Be it the white poppy or the black one these small granular seeds are one of the best natural seeds used for body scrubs. Their small size makes them the perfect size to be added to the scrub and when used they give excellent exfoliation leaving behind a soft and smooth skin. Mix poppy seeds with sugar or salt, add enough oil to make a paste and apply.


These small brown seeds are gaining popularity day by day. Their nutritional value is being hailed as one of the best ones for overall health. In the area of body scrubs also they are doing wonders. While they caress the skin on one hand they get rid of dead skin on the other. Mix ground flaxseeds with honey and add milk or water to make a paste.

Coffee Beans

 Natural Seeds For Body ScrubThe use of this natural product in body scrubs is becoming very popular. It is also believed that body scrubs containing coffee are a sure way to beat cellulite. Mix coffee granules with sugar and add coconut oil to make a thick paste. While the sugar and coffee do the scrubbing the coconut oil will moisturise the skin.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds lend a gritty texture to a scrub making exfoliation very effective. To get a scrub which exfoliates, cleanses and moisturises mix ground sunflower seeds, oatmeal, honey and milk. Make sure to mix very well before application.

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