Unknown Facts About Sleep

Unknown Facts About Sleep

Sleep is a greatest gift of the nature and is must to live a healthy, long and quality life. People who does not fall asleep or have complexity in falling sleep suffer from both mental and physical health problems. People having insomnia or sleeplessness suffer from anxiety, stress and lack of the concentration.

Have a look at some of the strange and interesting things that happen during sleep and also Unknown Facts About Sleep.

Your Eyes Move

It is normal to move eye balls during the sleep. There are 5 stages of sleep and eye movement that happens in 5th stage is called quick eye movement. During this stage you dream and are in deep sleep.

You Get Paralysed

Have you ever seen a dream in which you are running or doing any other body movements? Although, in reality you cannot move your body as it is paralysed. This happens to prevent you from making movements as you dream. This paralysis is normal and happens to every person in deep sleep.

You Are Jerked

Awake You must have felt sometimes that you were falling or get jerked in the sleep and wake up. This is a usual part of the sleep. This happens that your brain confuses falling asleep with actual falling and tries to keep you awake. However, scientists still are can’t find a valid reason for this.

Sleep Talk

About 6 percent of people talk during sleep. This is more seen in men than women and also in children. This condition is known as somniloquy. This is not harmful and you may not even realise it. But it may disturb your partner’s sleep. The main reasons of sleep talking are stress, depression and any illness.

Text Messages

This is common amid youngsters who keep on sending text messages during the day and during night they unintentionally reach out for phone and send text messages. The words may be jumbled without any meaning.

Teeth Grinding

Most people grind teeth while in sleep. This is a medical condition and is called as bruxism. This may cause cracking or chipping of teeth and also cause sore jaw muscles. Exact reason of teeth grinding is not known but a study shows that it may be due to stress and anxiety. You must visit your dentist and get a mouth guard fitted immediately.

Unknown Facts About SleepGrowth Hormone

When you are in deep sleep your body produces a growth hormone. This hormone helps in the growth of muscles and bones when you are young. When you are grown up, it helps in repair of the body. Due to this reason sound sleep is called as beauty sleep.

Your sense of smell stops

During sleep your sense of smell stops and there are many cases when fire broke out at night and inmates of the house were unaware of it. People have also died of gas poisoning during sleep as they can’t sense the smell of poisonous gases.

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