You Must and Should Have Summer Essentials

You Must and Should Have Summer Essentials

Are you planning to go to the beach this summer? Are you all excited about getting those beautiful sun tans? You must have a good night’s sleep in your bikini. Along with that, be sure to pack your bags with these summer essentials because there’s gonna be lots of fun and sun. Continue reading about You Must and Should Have Summer Essentials

Put these essentials in your handbag and have fun in the sun!

A great bag

  • Your bag should be large enough to contain almost everything.
  • From bottles of water to tanning lotion, your bag should be able to contain all the things listed below.
  • You can always go for a large bag that will match your swimsuit.

A Swimsuit

  • Get a comfortable suit for you.
  • Try it once at home or in the testing section before planning it to annoy it. Make sure it is not discolored.
  • A great costume will make you more confident and will make you feel and feel gorgeous.

A Soft Towel

  • Towels are useful in many scenarios if you want to dry yourself or if you want to lie down because you have not found one of these beach chairs.
  • Soft towels are extremely useful even if you want to wrap yourself when there is too much sun.

You Must and Should Have Summer EssentialsOil free SPF skin lotion

  • Invest in a very good tanning lotion, as this will prevent burns and wrinkles from the skin.
  • You can go for Neutrogena or Lakme sunscreen to help prevent these harmful UV rays from penetrating the skin.
  • Once you get home, you can refresh yourself by applying Aloe Vera Gel over your entire body.

A great pair of shades

  • Get yourself an excellent pair of shades that will look like your swimsuit.
  • Make sure that this covers all your eyes and does not fall too easily.
  • You do not have to go for creative shades because there’s a good chance they’ll break, ruin or get lost on the beach.

A few good books

  • Take good books and magazines.
  • You never know, you might seem to move some pages and enjoy the sun too.
  • Reading is a good time.

Juicy snacks and crunchy vegetables

  • Hydration is very important when you get out of the sun.
  • Pack water-rich fruits such as watermelon, cantaloupe, berries at a snack that will keep you satisfied.
  • You can also pack a crunchy vegetable salad in case you are very hungry.
  • Also carry a bottle of water infusion of fruit: (mix strawberries, limes), soak fruit in water and carry it with you. Drink when you’re thirsty.


  • Coconut oil is convenient in many scenarios.
  • You can rub coconut oil on your hair to avoid dryness.
  • You can also rub coconut oil on your skin to nourish your skin.
  • In addition, apply a good lip balm that contains SPF to protect your lips and make it very soft.

Protective cell phone case

  • You know how essential your phone is, you need to make sure it is not spoiled because of the sand or water from the beach.
  • Between sand, salt water and sunlight, your cell phone simply requires damage, unless you have an excellent cell phone case.
  • So invest in good phone coverage, otherwise go for a Ziploc bag in which you can lock your phone.

Other comfortable accessories like

  • You will need a pair of comfortable shoes in the beach. You could make comfortable flip flops or sandals.
  • You will also need to wear a strip of hair so that you can get away from your face because you are going to be sweaty and that this could cause a hair break.

So it’s great! These are the essential elements of summer that one must have while they hit the beach. How did you find this article? Rather useful? Have you ever been on a seaside trip this year?

Otherwise, make sure you have all these essential items in your bag. What do you think is necessary? Please leave a comment. I will be happy to hear from you every day.

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