Simple Tips for pregnant women to get rid of prickly heat during summer

Simple Tips for pregnant women to get rid of prickly heat during summer

Summer is here in its full glory and you will surely try to hide in this AC room by drinking ice water and juices. Well, it might not be so difficult for a normal person to avoid the skin problems that come with hot, wet weather in the summer, but for pregnant women, this can be very difficult. Read about Simple Tips for pregnant women to get rid of prickly heat during summer

Many hormonal changes occur in the bodies of mothers waiting during pregnancy and these hormonal changes make the skin more sensitive; This makes it prone to summer eruptions and any other type of skin problems.

So, if you are living in a hot and humid weather and you are in any phase of trimester of pregnancy, it is important for you to take the right precautions to ensure that you are safe from irritating prickly heat, uncomfortable all the time.

To save you from thorny skin rashes, it is important to make lifestyle changes including your clothes and your diet. Along with the following, some easy home remedies can effectively reduce your chances of getting thorny heat.

Even if you have already started experiencing these rashes by implementing these changes and following the home remedies, you can solve the problem to a great extent. So without hearing us, we will start directly with home remedies for pregnant women to get rid of thorny heat and stay cool during the summer.

Choose comfortable cotton clothes

The thorny heat has a direct relationship with the heat of your body and if you are able to stay fresh even during this hot and humid summer you are sure to get away from these rashes. One of the easiest ways to stay cool in summer is to opt for the right clothing.

Light, cotton made of bulk clothing are the best to ensure that sweat is not accumulated on your skin under the fabric. Lightweight, loose cotton clothes absorb sweat and ensure that air passes easily through the fabric, helping your skin to dry quickly.

Choose fine cotton clothes that cover most of your body because it will also function as a protection for your skin from outside heat. Opting for pastel shades in cotton clothing is always careful to make sure that you feel fresh and comfortable during the summer.

Simple Tips for pregnant women to get rid of prickly heat during summerChange clothing often

Changing your clothes often can be more useful than you might think. Wearing the same clothes, even after their dampness of sweat, certainly increases your chances of skin rashes. So, make sure to turn into dry clothes as soon as those you wear have become somewhat moist due to sweating.

Stay in a cool, well-ventilated area

Staying in the room that benefits from the maximum sunlight during the summer will surely ensure that you get thorny rashes. So do not make the mistake and go through a well-ventilated room, but do not enjoy the maximum sunlight during the summer. Staying in an air-conditioned room for most of the day can be very helpful in this regard.

Take a frequent shower

Taking a shower can often be an effective way to reduce body temperature. In fact, bathing is an essential and effective process for lowering body temperature. So, during the summer, instead of taking a long bath, make sure that you frequently take short baths.

This will help your skin stay away from sweat and will also help reduce the temperature of your body. However, if you take frequent baths, make sure your skin does not dry out due to all these bathings. In this case, use a light moisturizer or opt for the oatmeal bath.

Choose your food wisely

What you eat has a direct and significant impact on your total body heat. So in order to stay away from the thorny heat during pregnancy, it is important that you choose your diet wisely.

Include more seasonal vegetables and varnishes in your diet to stay cool. Bottle gourd, crest gourd, cucumber, and parsley can be very helpful in reducing the temperature of the body.

Also include juicy fruits such as watermelon, pomegranate, and pineapple in your daily diet to stay cool from the inside out. Simple carbohydrates, such as white rice and potato, also help keep the body fresh.

Dairy products, such as cold milk, milkshakes, and lassi, can also be great to keep your body fresh inside. Make sure that you drink enough water at frequent intervals, which is the key to staying hydrated and cool during the hot summer.

Foods that are known to generate more heat in the body should be avoided. Foods high in protein, such as meat, could add to your total body heat, which would make the rashes even worse.

So avoid meat in your diet and replace it with vegetable proteins. Also avoid spices, ginger and garlic in a diet.

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