Mango Mousse Recipe: How to prepare it at home?

Mango Mousse Recipe: How to prepare it at home?

Mango mousse with mango pulp and gelatin is worth trying out to serve the guests as the mango mousse recipe is easy to prepare. It is a delicious dessert.

Bright as well as creamy mango mousse recipe happens to be the perfect dessert for special occasions or even perhaps last-minute sweet cravings. This eggless mango mousse recipe is no doubt easy to prepare as it requires no cooking. This fresh cum fruity mango mousse can be prepared within 10 minutes.

Mango mousse with mango pulp and gelatin is a tasty dish to have as a dessert.

Rich and also very refreshing mango mousse happens to be naturally vegetarian-friendly and is an eggless recipe.

1. To start with prepare the mango puree. In a blender, add about 2 medium-sized peeled as well as chopped mangoes. Also required are about 1.5 cups of chopped mangoes.

No sugar is required if they are Alphonso mangoes as they are very sweet. Go ahead and add 1 to 2 tablespoons of honey or sugar, in case the mangoes are not all that sweet.

2. Blend until a thick smooth mango puree. This can yield approximately 1 cup of mango puree. Set aside.

3. The next step will be to add ½ cup light cream or perhaps whipping cream to of course a mixing bowl. Then try to make use of an electric beater or wired whisk to beat the cream.

4. Then do continue to beat up the cream at medium to the medium-high speed of one’s electric beater until there are fluffy and soft peaks in the cream. Be careful of course not to over whip.

5. Thereafter, add the mango puree to the prepared whipped cream.

6. Then later gently fold as well as mix the mango puree with whipped cream for it to be a rich, fluffy as well as soft consistency.

7. Pour the mango mousse in about four to five small serving glasses or bowls, thus making use of a spatula to scrape the bowl.

8. Lastly, cover with plastic wrap and chill the mousse in the refrigerator for about one hour to a couple of hours.

Serving Suggestions

By serving the mango mousse cold it is possible to enjoy delicious homemade mango mousse by adding one’s favorite toppings. It is possible to have it without any topping or even garnish.

For toppings, it is a good idea to garnish with any of the preferred toppings such as a few chopped mangoes, chocolate shavings, frozen or fresh berries, fruit preserves, mint sprigs, nuts, chocolate sauce, maple syrup, honey, or whipped cream.

This mango mousse will indeed remain well in the refrigerator for up to 3 to 4 days. It is better to keep the glasses covered with plastic wrap or perhaps transfer them to a sealed container.

Mango Mousse Recipe: How to prepare it at home?

What happens to be the best cream to make use for making an eggless mango mousse recipe?

It is a good idea to be able to make use of a popular brand of cream with 25% fat for this dessert. It does work very well when a person would like to prepare desserts such as mousse or for cream icings on the cake. It is possible to make use of heavy whipping cream. It is important to avoid over beating the cream.

How to make this vegetarian mousse a vegan recipe?

This can be done by swapping the traditional cream with vegan-friendly coconut cream for a delicious mango mousse with an extratropical twist.

What if fresh mangoes are not available?

It is possible to use frozen as well as defrosted mangoes to make the puree or even use canned mango. There is a need for about 1 cup of diced mango to prepare this mango mousse recipe.

What garnishes go well on mango mousse?

Enjoy this fruity mousse which is topped with chocolate shavings, a fresh dollop of whipped cream, mint leaves, chopped nuts, or even dried fruits, or any of one’s preferred goodies.

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The Mango mousse recipe is easy for mothers to please their families.

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