Laser comb for hair loss do they work

Laser comb for hair loss

A number of people across the globe suffer from the problem of hair loss. While the reasons for hair loss are many, people can take the needed treatment that will help with hair re-growth. There are a number of treatments, hair oils and other special devices that can be used to grow hair on the bald spots that one might have. One such device that has taken the market by storm is the laser comb. Continue reading about Laser comb for hair loss do they work

The laser comb also goes by the name of laser brush and was discovered by a scientist, while he was experimenting with low laser levels on lab mice. During the process, it was known that the low lasers helped to stimulate the growth of hair in mice, as the flow of blood to the hair follicles was increased.

Loss of hair can be treated when the blood flow is increased and the follicles get excited. This helps to grow more hair. During the condition of hair loss, a male hormone DHT acts as the barrier between the roots of the hair and the blood vessels. Due to the slowdown in the nutrient flow, the supply of oxygen reduces and this results in the non production of hair shafts by the hair follicles. This then makes the hair fall out due to weakness and eventually results in baldness.

While there are quite a number of laser hair combs in the market, it is important to choose the laser comb from a well known and well-reputed brand. As most of these are available for purchase online, do check the reviews of the product and purchase the one that has a good number of positive reviews. This way you can be sure that you are investing your money in the right product and can expect the right results too.

Laser comb for hair lossThe laser hair combs can be used by almost anyone and it can be used anywhere too. Skin specialists recommend not using these when the skin is broken. It is always recommended to check with the doctor about the use of the laser hair comb.

A number of people who have been using the laser hair combs have had satisfying results and most of the dealers who deal with these also offer a money back guarantee on the product. One can return the product within the said time if they are not happy with it, and the dealer would refund the money is promised.

One can choose a good quality 17 diode laser hair comb that can be used with rechargeable batteries. This makes it an ideal buy for everyone. Men or women who are suffering from the problem of hair fall, baldness or thinning of hair can use the laser hair comb right at their homes and rejuvenate the follicles. This helps them to get a much thicker and healthier hair all over again.

Though the laser hair comb might feel expensive at the first thought, it is a long time investment and also helps avoid the hassles of going in for even more expensive hair treatments.

So, if you are suffering from hair loss, do not think twice. Instead, go in for a laser hair comb and experience the difference.

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