Is Overdose Of Vitamin C Dangerous?

Is Overdose of vitamin C Dangerous?

Is Overdose Of Vitamin C Dangerous?

Is Overdose of vitamin C Dangerous? Well, consuming enough of Vitamin C is crucial but too much of it can be harmful to the health.

Why Are You Stressed? We all know that deficiency of certain vitamins can cause certain health issues. At the same time, overconsumption of vitamin C can also pose some problems.

Citrus fruits like lemons and oranges are the main foods that provide Vitamin C. It is better to know the side effects of vitamin C.

According to health experts, the following issues may arise due to the overdose of vitamin C.

Is Overdose of vitamin C Dangerous?Blood In Urine

Some people will also experience mild abdominal pain. Also, drops of blood may be observed in the urine.


An overdose of Vitamin C can also cause dizziness in some people. Consult your doctor instantly if you observe this symptom.


Another symptom is pain experienced in the urinary tract. It could be due to over consumption of Vitamin C.

Back pain

If you experience moderate pain in the area of the lower back after too much of the Vitamin C consumption, then it could be its side effect.

Stomach Cramps

In few cases, Vitamin C can also cause stomach cramps when consumed excessively.


An unexplained problem after over consuming Vitamin C could just be a side effect too.


Even diarrhea could have associated with Vitamin C overdose. It is better to observe your intake if you are experiencing such symptoms.


One of the common symptoms colds is nausea too. Check your diet if this occurs to you.


Health experts say that extreme consumption of Vitamin C can also cause heartburn. Hence, limit the intake.

These are the few side effects of Vitamin C. Please share the experiences if you have sustained any of these side effects.

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