Incredible health benefits of Lemon essential oil

health benefits of Lemon essential oil

The lemon oil health benefits can attribute to its stimulating, calming, carminative, anti-infection, astringent, detoxifying, antiseptic, disinfectant, sleep inducing, and antifungal properties. The benefits of lemon essential oil involve its capacity to treat stress ailments, infections, fever, asthma, insomnia, obesity, skin ailments, stomach problems, hair conditions, and tiredness. Read to know about health benefits of Lemon essential oil.

Lemons are one among most common citrus fruits and has widely used for culinary plans as they are the good source of vitamins & help in digestion. It also joins a refreshing taste & aroma to food. Moreover, lemon juice is also one among most popular drinks as it is very delicious, healthy, and inexpensive.

Lemon essential Oil Benefits

Some of the benefits of lemon oil include:

  • Cleaning and purification
  • Digestion
  • Oral health & remedy for bad breath
  • Remedy for the abdominal colic pain
  • Thirst quencher
  • Calms stomach & relieve nausea
  • Cough relief
  • Nourishes skin
  • Prevents malabsorption
  • Supports Weight loss

Lemon essential oil has also used to reduce cholesterol deposition in blood vessels & Keeps heart disease at bay.

health benefits of Lemon essential oilTop 10 Amazing Lemon Essential Oil Uses

As you would apparently expect, there is a list of lemon essential oil uses in extension to all of these medicinal outcomes. Here are few of them:


If you leave your clothes sitting in the washer so much time, simply add a few drop of lemon essential oil & your clothes would not get the nasty smell.

Teeth Whitener :

Combine lemon essential oil, coconut oil & baking soda rub on the teeth for about 2 minutes & then compact as the natural teeth whitener.

Clean Hands :

Got greasy and oily hands from repairing the car or bike & daily soap is not doing the tip and trick? No problems, simply combine a couple drops of lemon essential oil with the soap & get the clean hands back!

Natural Disinfectant :

Need to steer off from alcohol & bleach to sanitize your countertops & clean the moldy shower? Combine forty drops lemon essential oil & twenty drops tea tree oil to a 1sxixteen oz spray bottle fill including pure water and the little bit of white vinegar for a traditional washing favorite.

Face-wash :

Lemon essential oil uses for the skin can enhance your appearance & leave your skin supple and soft. Lemon oil gains the skin by intensely nourishing. One can make lemon essential oil with baking soda & honey for the natural acne free face wash.

Wood & Silver Polish :

Soap cloth in lemon oil that will also assist spruce up the tarnished silver & jewelry! Lemon essential oil for wood cleansing is also excellent.

Goo-Be-Gone :

Un-stick the adhesive goo the kids leave behind by stickers & gum with lemon essential oil.

Supports Fat-Loss:

Putting two drops of lemon oil in the water 3x regular can promote metabolism as well as weight loss.

Enhances Mood :

Spreading lemon essential oil in the air can lift your mood and combat depression.

Support Immune system:

Lemon oil can enhance the lymphatic drainage & aid you can defeat cold fast, combine it with coconut oil & rub it on the neck.

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