The Ill-Effects of Migraine

The Ill-Effects of Migraine

Migraine is characterized by health experts as a recurrent throbbing headache accompanied by nausea, vomiting and to some extent, sensitivity to light and sound. The pain is often felt in one side of the head and continuing. Severe headache is also sometimes accompanied by visual disturbances, which may include flashes, zigzags, splotches, among others. Read about The Ill-Effects of Migraine

The Ill-Effects of Migraine

According to Dr. Susan Broner of the Manhattan Headache Center in New York City, migraine is a neurobiological disorder, involving both neurological and vascular changes in the brain during an attack.

There are certain stimuli that trigger migraines. While it may be true that migraines can be rarely attributed to infections or diseases, they can be the result of an inborn protective mechanism often times caused by how the body responds to external environmental stress. For women, they have the tendency to suffer from migraine before their menstrual period. People who suffer from alcohol hangover may also experience migraine. Having missed meals also triggers migraine so it is advisable that you do not go longer than three hours without food. Even lack of sleep and too much stress cause migraine.

It is very difficult to go on with your daily activities if you have a migraine. It is very disturbing since you are always wondering why you are suffering from it every now and then.

While it is true that migraine does not pose threat of permanent health damage, we should still do the necessary precautions so as not to interfere with our daily activities. Even with the presence of medications that claim to cure migraines, it is better to take care of our self and free our body from external influences that may trigger migraine.

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