How To Take Care Of Hair Rebonding

Take care of Hair Rebonding

Hair styles vary from one woman to another. While some have curly hair, some have straight hair and others have a mix of the two.With various kinds of hair treatments available, you can get the hair style you want easily. Hair straightening is in vogue now and many women are getting it done at different parlors. This hair styling definitely makes you look smart and sexy.  Read about Take care of Hair Rebonding.

What is hair rebonding?

Hair rebonding is another name for hair straightening. Women who have curls can have their hair straightened with the use of various kinds of hair-friendly chemicals. Usually long and voluminous curly hairs can become unmanageable and clumsy. With hair rebonding, the curls are removed and straight hair is obtained. The natural bonds of curly hair are broken down in this process and they are reset with the help of chemicals. For breaking the hair bonds, a softener or a relaxant is used and then a neutralizer is used for rebonding the hair structure. As a result, you get straight hair, which looks great and is easy to manage at the same time.

Hair RebondingEffective Hair care tips after rebonding

It is true that rebonded hair looks great and makes you look stylish and elegant, but it is also important to take care of rebonded hair so that it is maintained throughout. Mentioned below find some guidelines regarding the same:

• Once the hair rebonding is done, do not apply water on the hair for 3 days. Refrain from swimming or any other activity that needs to apply water on hair.

• After rebonding, the hair takes some time to absorb the chemicals and remain in the new setup. Tying the hair in this period might give the hair some kind of weird shape. Also, while sleeping, keep the hair straight as much as possible.

• After the initial 3 days, you can shampoo and condition your hair. Leave the conditioner on the hair for a longer time, so that the hair can absorb the goodness of the same.

• Never use any kinds of heating tools on freshly rebonded hair. Avoid blow drying of hair as well. If you want to dry your hair instantly, use the one with an option that gives out a cool blast of air. Also for minimum 6 months refrain from using colors, do not streak or highlight hair. The chemicals that are used for straightening are quite strong. Let the hair relax for a while before taking the burden of hair colors and other chemicals.

• Never use hot water for washing your hair as it depletes the hair of essential moisturizer. Cold water is the best option.

• It is recommended to trim the hair on a regular basis. This helps in getting rid of split ends and keeps the hair in good shape and condition. Not trimming the hair leads to further damage.

• Wash hair properly so that no residuals are left. Hair residues will lead to hair fall, dandruff problem and itchiness of the scalp.

• Regular application of hair serum is highly recommended. It acts as a protective shield for the hair from outside factors and keeps the hair in good condition.

• For combing the hair, use a wide toothed comb so that the hair strands are separated easily. In case there are tangles, detangle them with great care.

• It is also advised to get hair spas done frequently. If that is not possible, at leastuse hair masks regularly. These processes help in providing moisturization and nutrition to the hair.

• Following a healthy and nutritious diet is also important for maintaining healthy rebonded hair.

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