How to recover from sunstroke quickly?

How to recover from sunstroke quickly?

Sunstroke occurs due to too much exposure to the sun. It causes high inflammation inside one’s body. It can be fatal. One must the eek medical attention immediately. One can recover naturally as well. One can use herbal as well as Ayurveda.

Signs of sunstroke:

• A headache
• Increased rate of Breathing
• Increased Heart Rate
• Vomiting
• Redness of skin
• Feeling of Nausea
• Excessive Sweating
• Cramps
• Intense Thirsting
• Dizziness

First Aid

Situations where you need to urgently rush to a person who just experienced sunstroke:

• Move the person to cool place.
• Make the body lie down and keep the feet high.
• On gaining consciousness give plenty of water so that he or she does not dehydrate.
• Use the cold compress on one’s skin especially on one’s forehead as well as feet body or areas that become red in order to cool the body.
• After 30 minutes or so they will feel normal.

The natural way to prevent and treat sunstroke quickly:

Onion juice:

Apply onion juice on the chest and or have a raw onion as a salad as it keeps the body temperature cool.

Aam Panna

This is a healthy drink that one can have during summer time. One can add some spices to raw mangoes which normally have the sour taste. This is like tonic which provides much energy to the body. It is a tasty drink. For good results, have it 2 to 3 times a day.

How to recover from sunstroke quickly?Butter Milk

Butter milk is a healthy and refreshing drink. It keeps the body hydrated. It contains essential minerals and vitamins that are lost on account of sweat. The probiotics in it replenish the body completely.

Coconut Water

One has to balance the electrolytes as this helps one recover from sunstroke. Coconut water re-hydrates the body as it balances the electrolytes present in our body system.

Tamarind juice

Tamarind juice in food items or in liquid form is good for health during summer. Boil some tamarind and add sugar to it and allow it to cool. Then drink it. Tamarind is rich in electrolytes, vitamins as well as minerals. It helps treat stomach disorders.


Plums soothe the inflammation within one’s body. Plums contain anti-oxidants and keep the body hydrated. One can have a plum drink by soaking some plums in water for few hours or overnight and then mashing them in the same water. Then one has to strain the content. The drink is ready.

Aloe Vera juice

Aloe vera juice stimulates the body. Herbalists, as well as therapists, recommend its usage. It is a natural cure.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It does replace minerals such as potassium and magnesium as well as electrolytes lost on account of sweat. One can add it to one’s favorite juice or have it with honey by mixing it in plain water.


One can apply on one’s chest or forehead as it cools the body in summer. One can make the paste of it and apply it on any irritations on the body.

Coriander and Mint Leaves

One can grind some mint leaves or have raw in lemonade or gram flour juices. One can make chutney of coriander and have it with paranthas or rotis. One can have it as juice by tossing some coriander with salt and spices.

Tulsi seeds

This has Ayurvedic importance and protects the body from heat stroke. One can mix tulsi seeds in rose water. They cool down one’s body.

Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds cool instantly and protect one from sunstroke. Consume a fistful of these seeds in water or strain and drink them.

Stay healthy in summer by avoiding sunstroke!

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