5 Ways to Prep Your Skin For Summer With Inglot

5 Ways to Prep Your Skin For Summer With Inglot

In the summer one spends a lot of time in the hot sun and one has to make use of sunscreen. After all, one travels a lot during this time and spends hours outdoor. The skin does get affected by the heat. One must ensure that one’s skin is taken good care of.

Summer is s difficult time to keep one’s skin shinning and glowing all the time. The sweat affects the delicate make-up and one has to make sure that the make-up is appropriate to the climate.

How to prepare one ’s skin for the summer with Inglot?

Prepping-up for summer means that one need not use too much make-up. One can spend more time on the beach with a natural look.

1. Exfoliate

Sweat and sunscreen can indeed cause pores to get blocked and this must be part of one’s routine skin care. Three times a week is sufficient for exfoliating one’s skin as too much of it can affect the skin oils. One must oil one’s skin without damaging its texture by over-doing it.

2. Zap the breakouts

Chlorine water on top of the sunscreen can indeed result in breakouts. Avoid sleeping with make-up on and make use of blotting paper to absorb excess oil, rather than layering one’s skin with powder. One must add Inglot Multi-Action Toner to one’s skincare routine, as it helps in moisturizing and facilitating cell regeneration.

5 Ways to Prep Your Skin For Summer With Inglot3. Keep it simple

Too much makeup in hot summer is not good and one must avoid oily products. Simple make-up looks great. Foundation must be applied lightly. Jarring make-up can be repulsive on the hot summery day. Simplicity in make-up and clothes is appreciated during summers. Like one prefers to wear light colored clothes during summer, similarly one would like the make-up also to be simple and effusive.

4. Eat your greens

The inner being reflects upon one’s skin so one must be careful about one’s diet. Have more juices and smoothies. Baby spinach is good which can be made it paste and frozen into ice cubes. If the idea doesn’t appeal to you, try this: blend a big bag of baby spinach into a paste and freeze it in ice cubes. Recipe to be followed: Add a couple of spinach cubes to some coconut water, a banana and of course a handful of strawberries. It will be tasty drink indeed!

A healthy diet is a must in summer. One must eat right and keep one’s stomach in good shape. An upset stomach can reflect upon the health of one’s skin.

5. Stay hydrated

Water is very essential during summer and one must have plenty of it to stay hydrated. This does reflect upon one’s skin. Always carry a bottle with you full of water. One can make use of Inglot’s Refreshing Face Mist or Inglot’s Multi-Action Toner can sort you out.


One has to make a conscious effort to look good in summer. The make-up should be subtle and make one look attractive and gorgeous despite the heat.

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