How to Get rid of splinters

How to get rid of splinters

How to Get rid of splinters

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When we have some cut or discoloration there are chances of splinters getting stuck in skin. Splinters come in all shapes & sizes. Irony is that when the smallest splinters causes most pain & pain as it is the most difficult to remove.

When you are in pain due to the splinter you try all possible ways to get rid of it. In the hurry to take it out, we usually end up approaching the splinter even more deeper. Try these simple hacks to remove splinters from the skin.

If you use common household hacks or just food items in the house, you can actually remove the splinters from the skin in a very easy way & it can be done quite painlessly too. Read on to know about methods how to get rid of splinters in an easy way.

If you plan to remove splinter make sure that you do not squeeze it out as it can worsen the wound and may get embedded deeper so try these simple DIY hacks to remove splinters.

How to get rid of splintersUse Baking Soda

Make a paste using baking soda & water. Apply it on the wound and tie the bandage. Remove it after few hours or when the paste is dry. You might see the splinter popping at the edge. You can remove it using a tweezer. This is one of the easiest way to remove splinter.

Duct Tape

Use the piece of duct tape on the wounded spot. Make sure you do not press it hard as this will push the splinter deeper. Once you feel the splinter is touching tape pull it in the opposite direction of the splinter. This helps to remove the splinter in the painless procedure.

Warm Bread And Milk

This might make you astonish if it really works! But yes, it does. All you require to do is soak the piece of bread in hot milk and apply it on the wound when it is lukewarm hot. Apply the bandage over it and remove it when the bread is dry. This helps to remove the splinter easily.

Banana Peel

Use the small piece of banana peel & place the flesh side towards the wound & tape it. Keep it over night and then remove. You will see that the splinter would have moved towards the edge of the wound. This is one of the easiest way to remove the splinter.


Dip the wound in a bowl of vinegar. It helps to soak the wound and you will feel the splinter making an easy exit! Try to the wound for atleast 15 mins in vinegar.


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