Health Risks Of Hand Sanitisers

Health Risks Of Hand Sanitisers

Health Risks Of Hand Sanitisers

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Hand sanitisers have become common these days. People apply them on their hands to kill infections every now & then. Hand sanitiser is a must since we are living in an environment where many infectious diseases succeed & can attack us. It instantly kills 99% of all infections on the hands.

It consists of alcohol & many chemical antiseptics such as triclosan which can kill 99% of germs on the hands. If you are traveling or if water & soap is not available, you can kill the bacteria on the hands using a hand sanitiser.

Although, if you use it often, it can prove harmful to the health. Use it wisely when required. The chemicals present in hand sanitisers enter the body through the skin of your hands.

These chemicals can cause the hormonal imbalance, infertility, damage to body organs, low immunity & serious infections. Have a look at all the Health Risks Of Hand Sanitisers in this post. Also, learn about the best natural alternative to kill germs on hands.

Health Risks Of Hand SanitisersWhat Hand Sanitizers Do

Hand sanitiser has an antiseptic action that kills germs on your hand. The alcohol and other chemicals present in it kills infections present on your hands. You just have to apply it on your hands. There is no need for water and soap.

Can Cause Toxic Effects

If you are using sanitiser frequently, the chemicals present in it might cross the skin of the hands and might enter your body. These chemicals can cause dangerous effects on your liver, kidney & heart. So use it only when needed.

May Interfere With Your Hormones

Again the same antibiotic triclosan present in hand sanitiser can cause hormonal imbalance. It enters the blood through the skin and can disturb your hormone levels. So, you might face health problems due to hormonal issues and this will be for lifelong.

Decrease Immunity

If you ask the kids to use hand sanitisers frequently, they might develop a weak immunity. As you require to have some exposure of germs in the childhood to develop stronger immunity. Adults also who use hand sanitisers can have weaker immunity & can get serious infections.

Can Be Dangerous For the Kids

If you keep the hand sanitiser bottle with in the reach of children, then the kids will swallow it. They just require to press its needle & just a few drops can be fatal for them. It is composed of 60% alcohol. Ingestion can lead to alcohol poisoning.

Harmful During Pregnancy

You must avoid using hand sanitiser during pregnancy as the chemicals in it can reach the blood through the skin of the hands. These chemicals can then cross the placenta & cause harmful effects on the foetus.

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