Home remedies for reducing body heat

Home remedies for reducing body heat

Home remedies for reducing body heat

Here are top 8 home remedies for reducing body heat is explained. You must follow to reduce body temperature to normal.

  • Drink a glass of fresh pomegranate juice mixed with few drops of almond oil, every morning.
  • Take a basin of cool water and soak your feet in it. This will help in reducing an excessive heat from the body
  • Eat a handful of poppy seeds before you to go to sleep to get good rest and to maintain normal body temperature during the night times. Remember that poppy seeds contains opiates and should not be consumed in large quantity nor should be given to children.Home remedies for reducing body heat
  • An easy home remedy to relieve body heat is eat a spoonful of fenugreek seeds on a daily basis.
  • Add a tablespoon of honey in cold milk and have it on a daily basis for fast and effective results.
  • Mix sandalwood with water or cold milk and make it into a fine paste. Apply this paste in your forehead and cheat. This is a proven technique to reduce excessive body temperature and cool the skin instantly. You may also want to add few drops of rosewater to the paste for attaining greater results.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of clarifies butter to a glass of milk and have it daily. However, if you have high cholesterol, you should avoid this remedy.
  • Vegetables that are high in vitamin C and also fruits like orange and sweet lemon that contains citrus in it, are excellent foods to relieve body temperature.

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