5 secrets to smooth, knot-free hair

5 secrets to smooth, knot-free hair

Are you always playing tug-of-war with your hair in process of detangling them? A few alterations to your hair care routine could relieve your hair from dreadful tangles. So read 5 secrets to smooth, knot-free hair.

Treat it with deep conditioning –

Your hair is probably knotted due to lack of needed conditioning and moisturizing. Add a few drops of castor oil in your preferred leave-in conditioner and apply it. Or massage the scalp with castor oil just before shampooing your hair.

Dry hair gently –

Avoid rubbing the hair aggressively with towels, just wipe gently instead. This way you would not be disturbing the hair cuticles that are a common cause of unmanageable knots. You could also consider using an old cotton T-shirt to dry your hair.

5 secrets to smooth, knot-free hairave a cold water rinse –

Cooler water temperatures are so much more soothing to scalp. Similarly, a cold water rinse could reduce chances of frizzy hair as well as knots, as it helps seal hair cuticles.

Get regular trims –

The lesser the split-ends, the lesser your hair is prone to knots and tangles. Besides, trims leave your hair with great volume and ensure healthy hair growth.

Avoid strong hold sprays –

Using styling techniques and products can turn your hair from bad to worse. So it is best to skip strong styling sprays. Too much spray tends to tangle up your hair and leaves it dry.

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