Foods helps in reducing body heat

Foods helps in reducing body heat

Foods helps in reducing body heat

One of the easiest ways to stay hydrated in addition to controlling body heat is by eating kind of foods that help to reduce body temperature naturally. Here explained Foods helps in reducing body heat, These include:

Cardamom – In line with an ancient practice of Ayurveda, using cardamom is best way to relieve body temperature naturally. You can add cardamom in the tea as well as add as a flavoring agent in sweets and savory dishes.

Peaches – Excessive body heat affects skin and frequently ends in rashes in addition to skin soreness. Peaches are generally known for containing vitamins A new, B2 and potassium content, which are essential for maintaining the healthy skin and body. Dried peaches also helps in regulating an amount of heat produced by the body.

Apricot – Drink a glass of apricot juice mixed with the honey to cool body temperature and quench the thirst.

Buttermilk Drinking buttermilk in Summer helps in providing the body with required probiotics, minerals and vitamins that may be depleted on account of an excessive sweat.

Foods helps in reducing body heatWatermelon – Watermelon is that one fruit that contains almost 95 percent of water and helps in reducing body heat immediately.

Coconut water – Re-hydrate your body with a glass of coconut water as it helps in naturally balancing out electrolytes in addition to regulating the body temperature.

Other foods to help reduce body heat include cucumbers, bananas, sugarcane liquid, barley, citrus fruit juices and organic teas for example mint & fennel green tea.

Note : Please consult your doctor in case your body temperature doesn’t normalize even after following these remedies.

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