Most Harmful Side effects of consuming cloves

side effects of consuming cloves

Cloves have loaded with many medicinal values. Cloves work as an antibacterial and antiviral agent. Clove oil can apply topically in order to inhibit the development of bacteria. Cloves append powerful aroma to the recipes. Healing characteristics of cloves are quite familiar. Daily consumption of cloves allows countless health benefits. Cloves are active components in many kinds of toothpaste, perfumes, soaps & cosmetics. Cloves have extensively used as seasoning agents in most of the food beverages and products. Cloves are in practice since ages for treating several health ailments. Cloves are highly efficient in treating bad breath, sore throats, flatulence, & diarrhea. Consuming cloves also affect negatively in few cases. There are some of the dangerous side effects of consuming cloves.

Below we Are Sharing the Top Side Effects Of eating raw Cloves:

Raises The Risk Of Bleeding

Too much eating of cloves can lead to the risk of prolonged bleeding. This is one of the dangerous side effects of consuming cloves. Cloves make the blood thin & lead to bleeding. Cloves include a chemical known as eugenol. It has recognized for its blood-thinning properties. This chemical slows down the method of blood clotting & supports abnormal bleeding. People suffering from the ailments leading to bleeding like hemophilia have to evade the consumption of cloves. Furthermore, it has not suggested to eating cloves at least 2 – 3 weeks earlier to a surgery.

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

It is another negative effect of eating cloves. If you are amongst those whose blood sugar is below the normal levels, you have to dodge consumption of cloves quickly. It is very dangerous to eat cloves in this health situation. A clove further decreases the glucose levels in the blood & increases the possibilities of developing multiple health risks. Therefore, pay attention to the levels of the blood sugar if you are trying to eat cloves. Cloves are very vulnerable to hypoglycemia patients.

side effects of consuming clovesCan Lead To Several Allergic Reactions

Intaking cloves daily can lead to allergies. Cloves include eugenol. This chemical is the foremost reason behind allergies. Extreme intake of cloves leads to rashes, swelling, & hives. In the rare situation, cloves also point to the growth of anaphylaxis. Allergic reaction once exacerbated can lead to death in few cases. Therefore, one must be very cautious in eating cloves. People have to pay attention if they are attempting to eat cloves in huge amounts.

Raises The Risk Of Seizures

Over eating of cloves points to the risk of increasing seizure. Cloves make the electrical action in our brain unique. An active surge of brain’s electrical action cause seizures. This points to seizures. Therefore, cloves must not have in extreme quantity. One has to be very caution in eating cloves. This is another important negative effect of eating an excessive quantity of cloves.

Loss Of Skin’s Sensation

Cloves include eugenol that serves as the numbing agent. This chemical reduces down the sensation when used repeatedly on your skin. Therefore, you must be cautious when using clove oil on your skin. This can improve the chances of loss of skin’s sensation .

Begins To Mouth Sensitivity

Too much eating of cloves or too much utilization of clove oil can lead to the infection of mucous membranes that are being in the mouth’s inner walls. It has exhibited in numerous studies. Also, extreme consumption of cloves may cause damage of gum, teeth, tooth pulp, & dental tissues. Burning sensation caused by cloves can create apprehension. Furthermore, dental cavities & sore lips have caused by extreme consumption of cloves.


Cloves are famous for their medicinal values. Though, over eating of cloves can lead to different health problems. Over consumption of cloves can lead to vomiting. You can suffer from unexpected vomiting. Therefore, please keep the intake of cloves at the moderate level. Attempting to enjoy the profits of cloves by eating in surplus quantities puts life in the danger zone. It has recommended stopping the intake of cloves when you observe any abnormality in health.

Other Problems

Extreme consumption of cloves can lead to different toxic effects that are serious. High doses of raw cloves can lead to different symptoms like a sore throat, liver ailment, nausea, & kidney disorders. Therefore, cloves should be taken whilst taking your health situation into view. over intake may put your health at risk. All these lethal effects may put your life in danger. Therefore, please pay attention to these kinds of side effects before eating cloves.

These are the several side effects of over-eating cloves. We Hope this post is beneficial and informative.

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