Funny Reasons Why Women Live Longer

Funny Reasons Why Women Live Longer

Funny Reasons Why Women Live Longer

Women live longer than men Period. The only reason why we say so is because women are normally more careful about what they do with their life. Women are less prone to getting ill & they think a hundred times before they do things they do, unlike men.

If you ask any married woman, she will give you a million reasons why she is better than her husband. Is not it funny? Today, Yabibo gives you a handful of reasons as to why we think women live longer than men. Any man looking at these reasons will ultimately end up angry particularly the ones who have lazy wives or girlfriends.

If you agree by the simple statement that women really live longer than men, then take a look at our ‘funny’ reasons why we have come to this conclusion. Take a look at the list of Funny Reasons Why Women Live Longer:

A Man’s Job:

We, as women, think if it is the man’s job, only a man should do it. Al though, there are some men who do a magnificent job, there are the handful of men who do not and actually mess up the work entirely.

Health Wise:

One of the funny reasons why women live longer than men is because women pay more attention to their health. Women are always looking at ways where they can eat less and exercise more. But, for the man it is the other way around.

Always Taking The High Road:

Men love to take high road to make an impression the women in the lives. But, in the end they lose it all. There are some men who smoke to make an impact on and get drunk to be taken care of by their lady. Doing these things will not help you to have the longer lifespan, which is why women live longer than men.

Do not Pay Attention To Risks:

Men never pay attention to anything in life. Everything is the risk to take. Trial and error methods flourish among men and that is why we women are more wise in our thinking leaving us to have a longer life than men.

Funny Reasons Why Women Live Longer

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