Skin Care Tips For Humid Weather

Skin care tips for humid weather

Skin Care Tips For Humid Weather

When weather is sticky, a variety of skin problems try to trouble the skin. Firstly, the weather would be ideal for fungal infections that damage the skin.

If your clothes or shoes get wet in the rains, make sure that you dry the skin as soon as possible. Also, make certain that the arm pits are dry. If possible, try to use anti-fungal powder on the feet before wearing shoes.

Skin care in rainy season must consider the humid weather conditions. Your routine must tender the skin protection from rains.

Whenever you sweat the lot or you realise that the skin is damp, rinse your face soon. Preventing dirt from collected on your skin can help to prevent many skin problem.

Some places are very cold whereas some are hot. But at end of the day, all types of the climate keep affecting the skin in one way or the other. You just require to know about protecting the skin with the right methods.

Anti-fungal Soap

Using an anti-fungal soap is very significant to avoid infections during this season. Of course, soap is only for the body & not the face; remember that. Facial skin desires the mild face wash.

Pat the Skin

In order to dry the skin, pat it dry instead of rubbing it with the towel. Resistance can damage the skin.

Avoid Ornaments

If the skin is sensitive, avoid wearing jewellery during this season. When the weather is humid, the skin gets annoyed.


If you want the skin to smell fresh throughout the day, add some drops of the rose water to the bucket of water or bath tub.

Hair Wash

Allow that your hair is rinsed almost every other day to keep the scalp clean. Otherwise, dandruff problems might start troubling you in this weather.

Cleansing Routine

Keep following the cleansing and moisturising routine during this season also. Do not think that damp weather wants no moisturising at all. In fact, it can also protect the skin when you rinse the face several times and lose the natural oils.

Skin care tips for humid weather

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