10 crazy facts about human body

10 crazy facts about human body

10 crazy facts about human body

Nature is weird and wonderful. So strange that it has been created humans who can now study nature & figure out the strange things that it consists of. As some discoveries guide to new treatments for the diseases, some just sting our curiosity. Here are some strange facts about the human body that you might not be aware of. Have a look on 10 crazy facts about human body.

Small intestines is largest internal organ in the body

Al though it is called small, small intestine is the largest internal organ in your body. In fact, they are so long that if you make bigger them from end to end, they would be the same length as 4 average sized adults combined.

You were once just a single cell

Seems strange, right? Although, it is true. Every fertilized egg needs at least ½ an hour in order to multiply. Yes, even great men like Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein were once just a single cell!

You are taller in the morning, than in the evening

The regular activities of life like standing, walking and sitting compress our cartilages by 1 cm. So, the next time someone asks you for the height, play a prank and say, ‘My morning height or evening height?

We are only ones who can cry for emotional reasons

Al though, animals can form emotional bonds & be loyal, crying due to emotion is something that only we can do. In fact, crying is one of the first things many babies do after they are born and if Shakespeare is to be believed it is because we somewhere know that we have now made entry into the stage with fools.

The more you dream, the higher your IQ

Do people frequently call you absent minded and lost? Don’t take offence, because it’s actually a veiled compliment. Scientists say that the more you dream, the higher your IQ is.

Your stomach lining reddens when you blush

Everybody knows that our cheeks redden a bit, when we blush but did you know that the stomach lining gives the cheek some company and reddens too. Certain chemicals produced in your stomach when you blush are responsible for this.

We are born with 300 bones, but end up with just 206

Yes, as we age our bones join together and therefore the total number of bones reduces. We are born with 300, and end up with just 206.

Your hearing decreases when you overeat

Overeating is not healthy at all, and people know that it can lead to obesity, make you feel sleepier, etc. However, one of the lesser known side-effects of overeating is that it diminishes your hearing.

10 crazy facts about human bodyFemale egg is largest cell in human body, As male sperm is the smallest

Surprisingly, the 2 cells that are necessary for the human race to go on, are the biggest and the smallest cells in the human body. The ovum or the female egg is the largest cell in the human body measuring 120 micrometre in diameter. The male sperm on the other hand is the smallest and with 15 million sperms per millilitre considered normal, it is no surprise that it is the smallest.

A 3-inch nail could be made from all the iron that is present in your blood

Even though it is not encouraged, if you took out all the iron from your blood, a nail measuring 3 inches could be formed. Maybe not enough for you to boast about being an iron man, but you can at least say that you are made of metal.

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