Common Forms of allergies suffering from people

Forms of allergies
Forms of allergies

A human being can be allergic to one or more allergens. There are different types of allergies depends upon the type of allergen causing the response. Here are the most common Forms of allergies suffering from people.

Food allergy:

Immune systems of the human being cause a response to proteins present in specific foods that are consuming. Allergies to eggs, wheat, milk, nuts and chickpeas are more common contributing to 90 percent of food allergies found in India.

Dust allergy:

The particles of dust can enter the nasal passage and cause blocked nose, irritation in throat, cough and sneezing.

Seasonal allergy:

Many people give complaint about allergic symptoms with the change in season and climate.

Pet allergy:

One can develop an allergic reaction to skin flakes, saliva or dander of the pet. Moreover, the hair of pet animals attracts dust and pollen that can aggravate allergy symptoms

Drug allergy:

The human system could evoke an immune response to either the drug or the chemical produced in the body by the drug. This type of allergy could be severe and may be serious.

Cosmetic allergy:

Chemicals that are used in cosmetics can cause an immune response triggering allergic skin swelling and reaction.

Forms of allergies
Forms of allergies

Allergy is a hypersensitivity disorder in which the body immune system reacts to normally harmless substances in the environment. These substances which cause an allergic reaction inside the body are called allergens. Allergy can be caused by anything such as wheat, peanuts, egg, drugs, milk, house dust mites, cold, unhygienic places, rain and dust. Food allergies are reaction towards definite food mechanism. The most common allergens in foods are proteins. When the allergic reactions are due to drug, it is said to be drug allergy. They are commonly seen with antibiotics go behind by anti-tumour drugs.

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Forms of allergies

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