Foods that worsen your menstrual cramps

Foods that worsen your menstrual cramps

If you are suffering from the menstrual cramps, know that it is not just the periods that cause the pain, other conditions cause severe inconvenience too. Find out if any of these is the reason the menstrual cramps get worse every time. Know about Foods that worsen your menstrual cramps.

Foods That Are Bad for Menstrual Cramps

Smoking & drinking alcohol

The chemicals in the cigarette are known to change the levels of estrogen, progesterone, & testosterone, hormones that are responsible for controlling the menstrual cycle. That, in turn, can increase cramps.

Eating or drinking dairy products

You almost certainly begin or end the day with the glass of milk, but a milk product can cause bloating, or flatulence & the stomach ache coupled with the menstrual cramps is something you should never experience. Thus, it is best to avoid having dairy products during the periods.

Eating legumes and beans

Yes, legumes are an excellent source of the proteins, but legumes, like dairy products, also cause flatulence, which can raise the menstrual pain.

Foods that worsen your menstrual cramps

what to avoid for menstrual cramps

Drinking the coffee or eating chocolates

Both these comfort foods contain caffeine that causes not only gastritis but also makes anxiety that can lead to the constriction of blood vessels, enhancing the intensity of cramps.

PCOS or endometriosis

Extreme pain is one of the symptoms of these conditions. So if the menstrual pain has accompanied by other symptoms like irregularities in the period or unwanted weight gain, get yourself tested once.

Eating salty food

Processed and junk food had loaded with salt & how much ever you desire for comforting junk food during the period, the salt leads to water retention, making you bloat & worsening the cramps.


One must have observed that stress can trigger an early period, but it can also worsen a menstrual cramp. When you had stressed, the stress hormone, cortisol, is discharged, which also affects the secretion of hormones like estrogen & progesterone that might wreak havoc with the period and increase menstrual cramps.

Try the above mentioned How to Naturally Prevent Menstrual Cramps through avoiding the foods to eat. Feel free to share your opinions with us

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