Foods That Cause Gas

foods that cause gas

Foods That Cause Gas

Production of gas in body is a usual part of the body processes. Although, when it is extreme it becomes very awkward and creates a lot of uneasiness.

Gases and bloating can also cause the tummy to swells and pain. You cannot attend the social gatherings as there will be recurrent visits to the loo.

Have a look at the list of foods that cause gas.

Processed Foods

They contain high amounts of sugars such as lactose and fructose which cause gas. Apart from it, processed foods also contain many unhealthy ingredients that cause digestion problems and gas.

Brussels Sprouts And Cabbage

These vegetables cause gas as they are rich in the sugar and fibres that are hard to assimilate and eventually cause gas in abdomen. Peas also fall in same category.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum makes you to swallow the lot of air that gets gathered in the abdomen. Also chewing gums contain the lot of sugar that can hinder digestion and cause gases.


No doubt oats are healthy and lessens cholesterol but at the same time it can also cause gas problems. The high amount of soluble fibre present in the oats contribute to gas in the intestines.

Potatoes, Corn And Whole Grains

They are rich in the starch content so many people find it hard to digest which causes accrual of gas. If you are already suffering from the indigestion and gas then only have the limited amount of potatoes. Apart from potatoes corn and wholegrain foods can also cause the gas.


They are rich in the sugar which cause gases in intestine and as sucking a candy, you might swallow a lot of air inside. This would cause gas problems.

Kidney Beans

Many of the people face issues in digesting them well. So eventually indigestion of this food causes gas. To prevent this soak beans in water overnight and in morning throw the water away and cook them. This will reduce gas production in the abdomen.

Carbonated Drinks

Soft drinks and soda cause gas in the abdomen as they contain carbon dioxide gas which causes much uneasiness after drinking. This is the fact you burp after having them. They are also rich in sugars that can also contribute to gases.

Apples And Peaches

They can also create gas in intestines as they contain sorbitol, a kind of sugar and soluble fibres that are not easily digested. Therefore have them in the limited quantity if you are having gas problem.


They top the list of gas forming foods as they contain the soluble fibres and a kind of a sugar called raffinose, which is most responsible for production of gas in abdomen.

foods that cause gas

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