Five Beauty Benefits Of Naps

Five beauty benefits of naps

Five Beauty Benefits Of Naps

There is one easy method to preserve beauty that even the laziest women out there will love to do. It is nothing but grabbing a good nap! If you do not allow the body to rest for some time in between your busy schedule, you are putting the whole body under stress. This will directly or indirectly reflect on the skin’s health.

The beauty benefits of an 8 hour sleep is well known. But, did you know that short naps are also good for your health and five beauty benefits of naps? Naps are short period of sleep of 10 to 15 minutes at any time of the day. Experts call it ‘power nap’. While considering the beauty benefits of naps, you might call it beauty rest.

Skin Repair:

Whole body undergoes a repair process when you take a nap. This helps in maintaining the youthfulness of skin. Also, helps to replace dead cells with new and rejuvenating cells.

Hormonal Balance:

Hormonal imbalance is the most common reason for many of the beauty problems. Giving the body a short rest by taking a nap will help to restorethe hormonal balance. This will reflect on the skin by plummeting pigmentation and acne. A good nap will help the hormones to function usually and this will help in managing all these problems.

Prevent premature aging

Increased stress hormones can cause the premature aging and many other connected beauty problems. Getting good naps will offer you a good beauty rest and this will control the level of stress hormones. When you take a nap, there is an boosting in the formation of collagen, which enhances the elasticity of your skin. This is one among the five beauty benefits of naps that experts highlight.

Weight loss:

A sleep medicine researcher from the University of California suggests that taking nap for 20 to 90 minutes before 4.00pm can help you to lessen your extra weight considerably. You can get that perfect look without much effort- all you have to do is take a power nap.

Faster healing

During a nap, your body will obtain more power to heal by itself. This is effectual in managing pimples, acne and dark pigmentations. A good nap will also help in healing pimple and wound scars faster. Also, it will help in combating wrinkle causing free radicals. Its no astonish that women consider this as one of the beauty benefits of naps! So, forget the tensions, it is time for a good nap!

Five beauty benefits of naps

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