Pros And Cons Of Glass Bottles For Babies

Pros And Cons Of Glass Bottles For Babies

Pros And Cons Of Glass Bottles For Babies

Many years ago glass bottles were used to nourish the babies. Nowadays there are different varieties of plastic bottles obtainable that are used for feeding the babies. Mothers are always confused when they have to choose between plastic and glass bottles. So, now the question arises- are glass baby bottles better?

Plastic bottles are lighter in the weight, moveable, easy to carry and are tough but they also come with many ill effects. They can harm the health of the baby.

There are many chemical substances added in the manufacture of plastic bottles. When hot milk or any hot fluid is poured into the bottle, these harmful chemicals can leak into it. Feeding such milk to the baby can make them sick in the long run.

The glass bottles are heavier in the weight and could break if they by chance fall down. Apart from this there are many pros and cons you require to consider before you decide to choose the glass bottle to feed the baby.

Lets have a look at some pros and cons of using glass feeding bottles.

Are Glass Bottles Better Than the Plastic For Babies?

The answer is yes as plastic bottles contain a toxic or unhealthy substances chemical called Bisphenol A. It can cause early teenage years, harmful effects on the brain and the reproductive system. When you warm the plastic bottle, this chemical is leached into the food or fluid contained in it.

Advantages Of Glass Bottles

Why use glass baby bottles? They are free from the chemical substances particularly BPA (Bisphenol A). No petroleum products are used in it’s making. Glass bottles are recyclable. When you heat a glass bottle there is no absorption or release of the substances. They are easy to sterilise and do not melt or loose its shape. They are safe for the baby. They are easy to clean and are dish washer safe. They will also keep the milk warm for the longer time. Apart from all these advantages it is much environment friendly.

Some Disadvantages Of Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are heavy and break easily. The pieces can injure the baby if not careful. They are costlier as compared to the plastic bottles. They are much difficult to carry and requires to be the handled with care. Now that you know both the advantages and disadvantages of using the glass feeding bottle, weigh the options and decide on whatever is best for the baby.

Pros And Cons Of Glass Bottles For Babies
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