Everything Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Designs for You

Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Designs

The sex goddess of all times, Marilyn Monroe may have left us well in the sixties but her legacy lingers on. Such is her legendary, that to this day people consider inking this phenomenal icon onto their skin. We don’t know what it is, or how she does it, but the aura of Miss Monroe is impossible to get past. Trust a Marilyn Monroe tattoo to unleash the sexy within or maybe give you that much needed confidence booster. We bring to you some of the best ways to express adoration for the star of yesteryears. Below are some of the Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Designs.

1. Joker-esque?

Marilyn Monroe Tattoo DesignsMultiple personalities getting the better of you? Fear not, for Miss Monroe famously quoted, “If you’re going to be two faced, at least make one of them pretty”. Now this tattoo is for those of you who appreciate art in its true form. Intense detailing has gone into it which is a clear indication of the obvious pain one would have to endure. If pain is the price to pay for this stellar tattoo, then consider swallowing it because you are going to look badass when you sport this one!

2. The Bodacious Beauty

Marilyn Monroe Tattoo DesignsIngenious without a doubt is this full arm tattoo. As you follow those petal covered eyes, a dimension unknown to you is revealed. One that combines sultriness, sassiness and vulnerability at the same time. Those crimson stained lips are the watermark of the persona that Miss Monroe brought center stage. Want to be taken to the other side? To a world wilder than you’ll ever know? Give this tattoo a shot and see what unfolds.

3. Whoopsie Daisy!

Marilyn Monroe Tattoo DesignsMiss Monroe set hearts on fire with her signature moves. This tattoo is a brilliant way to capture the essence of sexy without making it look, well, over the top. What is essentially Marilyn Monroe’s skirt frills up to appear like wings if you like looking at it that way. Keeping her modesty in check this tattoo of the sultry siren is bound to get hearts racing.

4. Those Lips Though

Marilyn Monroe Tattoo DesignsLipstick stained teeth with a signature of the most iconic divas of all time. Call it sincere fan appreciation if you must. Signing off Miss Monroe style, this tattoo combines the best of both worlds. Those iconic lips make this deal kiss worthy! So remember, this tattoo is just one kiss away.

5. Bubblegum Pop

Marilyn Monroe Tattoo DesignsAdding some uptown funk to Marilyn Monroe’s visage is that pop of bubblegum. This phenomenal tattoo captures the intricacies of everything Monroe. Right from the hair, the iconic mole to those well shaped brows. Bringing life to the deceased was never this simple. All it takes is master vision, creativity and of course, what it all boils down to that needle!

6. Smoke and Mirrors

Marilyn Monroe Tattoo DesignsAll you, YOLO junkies out there, we’ve taken this one into consideration solely for you. If the idea of a free life, one that is centered purely around what you want to do is what you hope to have some day, then this tattoo could be your constant reminder of just that. The carefree life, the “I’m going to do what I want to” life and the laid back life are just some of the inflictions that this tattoo brings about.

7. Vintage Pop

Marilyn Monroe Tattoo DesignsWish you could be transformed to the times when the world of Hollywood was dominated solely by the siren Marilyn Monroe? This might just be your one stop destination tattoo for just that. An array of color waiting to just pop, this is everything you need and more.

Who wouldn’t like a dash of Monroe in their lives, right?

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