Do you fart frequently? This flatulence remedy is for you

Do you fart frequently? This flatulence remedy is for you

Do you fart frequently? This flatulence remedy is for you

Do you calm the hunger cramps by sipping soft drinks? Does your regular diet include a spicy meal? Is there only a 1-hour gap between your dinner and bed time? If yes, you require to know that these things take a toll on the digestive system, leading to flatulence. As farting cannot be controlled, it might leave you uncomfortable at times. While you should not depend on pills to deal with this condition all the time, this one kitchen ingredient is going to put an end to your indigestion problem i.e., flatulence.  Here is flatulence remedy is for you.

Ginger : what makes it efficient?

The carminative or gas expulsion property of ginger helps to deal with flatulence. It contains a explosive oil that breaks and expels intestinal gas that is responsible for surplus gas build-up in stomach causing flatulence. Ginger also helps in the digestion of food and slows down production of gas.

How to use it?

If you are hit with the serious attack of bloating or gas, drink 1 teaspoon of freshly prepared ginger juice. This will soothe the digestive system and relieve you from feeling bloated. Adding few pieces of ginger when preparing your food also reduces formation of gas. Here is how you can make ginger juice –

Take small piece of fresh ginger. Rinse and peel it off.

Squeeze it to extract its juice.

Empty it into the bowl and allow it to settle (such that the juice rises to the top whereas the sediments remain at the bottom)

pour it in the teaspoon and drink the liquid.

If you are not in comfort of your home, you can keep a piece of ginger handy. Just chew it whenever you feel bloated.

Note: Drink ginger juice only once a day as excess consumption (more than 2 teaspoons a day) may irritate your stomach lining.
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