10 health hacks for workaholics

10 health hacks for workaholics

Are you continually cribbing about how you do not have time to work out or get some exercise? Do you declare that you are too busy cook or follow a diet plan? No more excuses. Now you can inch your way to a healthier life with these 10 health hacks for workaholics.

Keep some locking clips handy:

Is your office drawer full of snacks like chips, peanuts and biscuits? Clip bag when you are full so that you don’t have to finish the entire packet.

Order small meals:

If you eat out often, stick to ordering small-sized meals. Ordering too much will compel you to finish the whole meal.

Order tandoori snacks:

Love hanging out at your favourite bar every Friday night? Switch to tandoori starters instead of fried ones.

Set up breakfast meetings instead of lunch:

If you are looking to take your team out for a meal, take them for the healthy breakfast. That way even if you eat too much, the long day will help you burn most of it.

Switch to dark chocolate:

Drop that regular piece of chocolate and indulge in a small bite of dark chocolate instead. Rich in antioxidants, dark chocolates are best for weight loss.

Keep a bottle of water on your desk:

Keep your water bottle next to your screen, right in front of your eyes so that you never go thirsty again.

Take the stairs down:

Although climbing stairs is good exercise, you can begin with climbing down.

Park your car at the farthest end of the parking lot:

Search for a spot away from the entrance of your office building. That way you walk all the way and get some exercise while coming and going.

Say no to MSG:

Love eating Chinese food? Tell your server to ditch that dash of MSG while preparing your meal.

Download health apps:

Let your phone remind you of your stress levels. Download apps like ‘Stress Check’ and ‘Relax Lite’ that will keep your stress levels in check.

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