Dangerous Home Remedies To Avoid

dangerous home remedies to avoid

Dangerous Home Remedies To Avoid

As many of them follow home remedies to cure some of the issues like acne, warts, burns etc. As in home remedies very few are risky So those dangerous home remedies to avoid are explained below

Ear Candling

Ear candling also known as ear coning is a procedure to rinse ears by the suction, In this procedure a hollow candle is used and is dangerous cure lighted from one end. The other end of candle is placed in the ear canal or opening of ear.

Tooth Paste For Acne

Some of the people use tooth paste to treat an acne. Tooth paste will worsen acne instead of healing it. It will burn the area of acne and causea an irritation. So avoid using tooth paste for treating acne. You can use diluted vinegar or salt water instead.

Wart Cutting

Some of the people use a blade or other sharp instruments to cut off warts. This can cause infection and you may harm yourself by an accidental cut. There are other safe home remedies for warts and they are effectual too. Though wart cutting is a dangerous cure.

Buttering Your Burn

Few people apply butter on the burnt skin. It can cause a bacterial infection as butter is a favorite medium for bacterial growth. You can put cold water instead if the burn is mild or use an anti-biotic burn ointment to promote healing. This is one of the dangerous home remedies to avoid.

Removing A Fish Bone Manually

Most of the people try to remove a fish bone that stucked in the throat by using fingers. This can prove dangerous as doing so could result in logging of bone deeper in the throat. Your throat might also get damaged. This is one of the most dangerous home remedies that shuld be avoided.

Needle To Remove Eye Stye

Few people use a needle to stab the eye stye This is very dangerous as you might hurt your eye and the bacteria present in the needle can cause an eye infection. You should use an antiseptic eye cream instead.

Head Lice

Some people use petrol, kerosene or pesticides straight for the head lice. These home remedies are not only unsuccessful but very dangerous as well as they can cause toxicity. All these chemicals can enter the blood circulation through the scalp. These chemicals are highly toxic or poisonus and cause organ damage.

Paraffin Intake

dangerous home remedies to avoidMost of the people give paraffin to their child for vomiting if they have accidentally ingested any poison such as kerosene. Paraffin is very toxic or unhealthy and it can go into the lungs during vomiting. It causes more damage to lungs than stomach. Avoid giving the child home remedies such as paraffin, milk and charcoal for vomiting. This will prove to be a harmful home remedy.

Hair Pins Inside Ears

Few people introduce hairpins inside ears to clear dirt and wax. Another procedure to remove dirt from ears such as cotton bud is wrapped around the matchstick is also dangerous. These procedures might cause hearing disabilities. The matchstick can also break inside your ear and gets stuck there.

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