Creative French Pedicure At Home In An Affordable Price

Creative French Pedicure At Home

French pedicure at home! Yeah, at an affordable cost, using the things available at your home, you can do French pedicure at home. As unkempt feet would bring down your style quotient by several notches, it is better to pamper your feet with the regular pedicures. Among the pedicures, French pedicure is one of the most popular as they look stylish and elegant. Instead of visiting a salon frequently and spending several bucks to get a French pedicure done, how about doing it at home. Things required to do this pedicure are plastic hub/water basin, a soft towel, pumice stone, nail scrubber, foot moisturizer/cream, cuticle pusher, cuticle cream, foot scrub, toe separators, nail filer, toenail clipper, cotton balls, warm water and nail polish remover.

Steps to do the French Pedicure at Home

1. Prepare your nails


Preparing your nails is nothing but removing old nail polish on your nails. If you are finding difficult to remove then use the foil method to remove it. Take some cotton and dab some nail polish remover, now place the cotton balls so that it covers your nails completely. Scrunch it at the end in order to make it stay for some time. Open the cotton balls after five minutes, and remove the left over nail polish with the same cotton balls. Once done with removing old nail polish, wash your feet. Now, dry your nails and start filing them in one direction. Continue this till your nail tips become even and smooth. If your nails are bit long, then it would be helpful in French pedicure in creating white tip over them.

2. Soak and Scrub your feet


Soaking your feet in Epsom salt water and relaxing for 30 minutes gives a great healing power. To prepare the warm solution to soak your feet, all you need are Epsom salt, two drops of essential, one spoon of lemon juice, four drops of shampoo and lukewarm water. Doing so will give a spa-like foot treatment in the vicinity of your home. After soaking, take a pumice stone and start scrubbing your the skin would be very soft after soaking in Epsom solution, don’t be harsh while scrubbing. After scrubbing, apply cuticle cream over them and provide a gentle massage for 5 minutes. We need to wipe off the cream applied and remove the cuticle by using an angled cuticle stick. Quickly wash your feet with warm water and dry them with an aid of a towel

3. Moisturize and French Pedicure tips


A major role is played by massaging in French pedicure. Apply moisturizing lotion and start rubbing your feet. In order to alleviate stress, provide a massage with a gentle touch. Gentle massage must be provided in a circular motion. Now, it’s time to apply white nail polish to your nail tips. Allow the nail polish to dry and then apply the second coat.

For creative French pedicure beginners, it would be common in messing up things, but do not worry as you can fix it anytime. If any mess happens while doing nail art, then you can use a concealer brush which is dipped in acetone to clear it off. Soon after applying the first white coat of nail polish, you can apply a coat of clear nail polish. Make sure your strokes are even and smooth as much as possible.

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