How to Create Perfect Winged Eyeliner like a Boss?

How to Create Perfect Winged Eyeliner like a Boss

A woman wants to look beautiful and attractive and eyes play a major role in how one looks. Usually, women go in for eye-makeup to look good and they are very selective about what kind of eye makeup they choose.

One can try out different types of eye makeup.

Winged eyeliner look is indeed classic and is more commonly referred to as cat eye. It is sleek and has a clean look, but cannot be had without proper techniques

Here are the details how to create Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Hooded Eyes

Shadow, as well as line look, makes one look exotic. The creases get exposed with a liner look. One has to make use of flawless winged eyeliner to the hooded eyes. One has to make sure the lid is not concealed. One has to start from outside and then go inward, thus applying one’s liner in thin strokes and widening as per one’s desire.

To make sure the liner isn’t concealed by your lid, create your tip where the lid’s hood starts. Start from the outside first, then go inward, applying your liner in thin strokes and widening as desired.

Downturned Eyes

How to Create Perfect Winged EyelinerOne has to apply the eyeliner from the inner corner towards the outer corner in thin line form. As far as the wing is concerned, one as to draw one’s eyeliner out, then up to one’s crease.

One has to follow upon the lone of the outer corner of one’s eyebrow in order to be able to see where the wing needs to stop. In order to be able to give an overall look one must make use of a pop of color and pick a rather pretty shade such as purple to be able to contrast it with one’s irises. WoW! What an exciting look that would make you look as attractive as ever.

How to Create Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Monolid Eyes

One can try out a thin winged look with the help of a liquid liner. With a monolid, one does not have much space so, therefore, one may want to maximize it by making sure the liner is rather crisp as well as straight. One can place the tip of the eyeliner on one’s lash line at the pupil, thereafter, one can draw towards the outer corner. Then one can start from the inner corner and then be able to draw it to be able to meet the middle point.

In case, one has very minimal or even nonexistent crease, then it is possible one has eyes with monolids.

There are several versions of cat eye makeup — and monolids happen to be the perfect canvas to be able to experiment. One can make use of a dramatic smoky cat eyeliner.

Round Eyes

In case, one is able to see around one’s iris ( on the top or bottom part), one has round eyes.

For the round eyes, one has to start from the outside making use of an angled based brush and also cream eyeshadow or liner, then draw at a downward angle going toward the eye’s outer corner. Then apply the liner inwards, stopping of course at the center of one’s lid whereby the pupil is actually looking straight ahead.

This style of make-up, no doubt, does not reach all the way across one’s lid and one may observe here that bright and neon shades do not look as wild.One can play around and try to find out which one can try out different eye colors that compliment the eye.

Small eyes

Create a Perfect Winged EyelinerIf one has close-set eyes, one can try a simple makeup trick that will accentuate their looks.

One has to expand one’s own eye area by performing a double wing. One as to draw one’s liner along with one’s upper lash line, and then make a small flick outwardly. One must make use of an angled brush in order to draw a line from the middle of the bottom lash line and then continue it a little beyond the outer corner. One then has to apply a touch of the concealer between the two wings in order to make them pop up.

For this sort of look, one has to use a powder in order to draw the desired shape and then intensify it with required liquid.

Almond Eyes

For almond eyes, one has to take advantage of one’s lid space. Draw one’s eyeliner from the inner corner all the way across the lash line, then flicked it out, thus stopping at the tip where one’s crease starts.


One has to create a perfect winged eyeliner. The side does curve different but, nevertheless, one can have the right look. No doubt, one cannot get the right thickness or it may smudge.

Eyes convey a lot and it is important they look attractive. Naturally, eye-make-up plays an important role to accentuate one’s appearance. A woman will look very attractive if her eye makeup is flawless and the perfect winged eyeliner look or rather the winged look does make one appear beautiful.

The cat eyeliner or winged eyeliner gives a popular look and is also easy to put on. One has to understand the shape of one’s eye. Then customize the liner to it and this can be shown by a make-up artiste.

The following are the details about How to Create Perfect Winged Eyeliner like a Boss?

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